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  1. Kavin Kumar

    A Brain Dump of What I Worked on for Uncharted 4

  2. Kavin Kumar

    A Brain Dump of What I Worked on for Uncharted 4

    guys can some one fix this article ?
  3. Kavin Kumar

    A Brain Dump of What I Worked on for Uncharted 4

    Thanks for sharing your experience :) 
  4. Both are pretty good engines . As you want to spend a very long time I would recommend you to take this question to unity and unreal engine's  official forum and wait for the moderator to give you Explanation(how their engine fits your scenario) based on your Requirement.    now you could make the choice based on the engine's content.
  5. Kavin Kumar

    Hack and slash mechanics

  6. I'm a Game play programmer myself, I would like to know how the mechanics that works behind the tones of Hack and slash Game. Like  Sword Combo, swords damage mechanics, mixing spells and Sword fighting like GOW. I can test and implement myself but the wheel is implemented already. If there is any good resource which could explain me about these game mechanics that would be great and it would cut short my research time. Any suggestions brotherhood?      Thanks :)  -Codezeero
  7. Kavin Kumar

    Need suggestion please !

        Thank You very much for your Valuable suggestion. I did Choose Company 2 and it had been three month since i took the job .  i"m working to my core and i'm loving my involvement in the game. the work i'm doing here makes me happier and being recognized for my work .. :)  Thank you  
  8. Kavin Kumar

    Need suggestion please !

    http://kavi99.wix.com/kavin    my portfolio site . coder from my mind and designer by heart :)  
  9. Kavin Kumar

    Need suggestion please !

    Thanks a lot everyone for your valuable reply .  :)  and will make the decision tree 
  10. I need suggestion for choosing between these two game jobs          company 1  junior game programmer :   the Company is into Animation and CG outsourcing for Movie production house and AAA game studios. have a very good reputation with their customers.     job offered Junior Game programmer  in R and D department , as the company wants to evolve they are looking forward into game development  my responsibility will be creating plugins, game , cg and VR applications   salary is 30% higher than company 2;         Company 2 Junior Game play programmer   A Indie Game company started by industrial veterans experienced from top AAA companies . they are into development of RPG game scheduled to release in a year and 40% game development is done    will be responsible to work under game play programmer  helping in game play functional-ties and will be working remotely as the parent company is in  spain      salary is 30% lower than company 1 but promised to raise the salary  after 3 months of probation period .   the company 1 looks attractive as in terms of salary but company 2 is into game play it gives you the sanctification of game development .     as I am in the entry level I would like you experienced people to guide me threw   by differentiating this two profiles and the growth in the game development industry. in the case if i select company 1 can I switch to game play in future and should I start from scratch or ?   
  11. i would say it depends upon the kinda game you wanna develop ..
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