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  1. [quote name='Tom Sloper' timestamp='1355418188' post='5010272'] Korean, As for your "getting a job" question: please read this forum's FAQs for starters. As for your "business taxes" question: please post that question in the Business And Law forum. [/quote] I'm KoreanPooh.... not just Korean your word something like rascist . very rude
  2. hi I'm Korean and I want a job out side of Korea.. where is best site for 3D engine programmer and can you review my cover and resume? I didn't fix sentence but I think most of you can understand my bad english thank you and can you sujest about monthly payment and the best saxing tax method? I really worry about tax.. I work as solo company in Korea.. In Korea company pay tax much low Thank you for long story... and Is it okay I upload my resume with realname? If there is problem I will fix my name
  3. where is best blog for game programmer and electronic car developer? Hi I try to open blog for advertise purpose I have 3D engine and I try to make electronic car and etc where is best place for open my blog?? thanks \