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  1. OpenGL tutorial for opengl 1.4?

    Opengl 1.4 just has extentions on top of opengl 1.  You can safely use any version older than what your card supports.   You can use any old opengl tutorial you can find on the net that's not for newer versions.  Nehe is a good source of information.  If your link is broken then search on google for nehe to find a working link.  Sniper227's link was working for me.   Also, here's the most basic, bare bones example I could find to draw a triangle.   It still includes glu.h but you may be able to not include it (not tested). Most of it is code to create the rendering context for opengl using win32.  A lot of tutorials opt to include glut to do this for them and make things simpler.
  2. Finding Implicit Equations From 3D Objects

    There's a good tutorial on it here: [url][/url] Also the [url=]K3DSurf forum[/url] has a bunch of info to help make the formulas.