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    Being Immortal, Can it be Fun?

    Well one example that I can think of was Planescape Torment that game still fills me with warm feelings. One way you could do it that I haven't seen mentioned is that while your character is immortal other people in your party aren't. I'm thinking Jack Sparrow from Torchwood. You could create allot of interesting dynamics that way. Also unscripted dramatic moments as well. Anyway just my 2 cents.
  2. Memetic1

    Ideas for lockpicking mechanic?

    How about keeping it simple but suspenseful at the same time. When you click on the lock your character goes into a lock picking animation. The skill comes from not being detected by the roving npcs time it wrong and you risk getting caught. Whether or not you also incorporate the whole thing of lock picks breaking is up to you. I also think your skill should lvl up the more you use it. So you can for instance break a simple lock in a few seconds while more complicated ones might take a minute or too. You could also have some distraction special abilitys that could be incorporated. Anyway just a few ideas.
  3. Just an idea I like where you are going with this! I think it has a ton of potential. One thing I as a gamer are often disappointed in when it comes to games that are supposed to scare me. Is that so many of them depend on pure uch factor. I mean I can only see a cows head grafted onto a human body or whatever sort of gross alteration of the physical form so many times before it completely looses meaning. Starting from their I think you can do allot with story. Why is this scary/disturbing the scary for me is more in the meaning than in the appearance. That being said if the appearance is original enough or similar enough to something normal I think it can be effective. Think about it why do dolls/children/clowns creep people out so much its because their is enough their that we can identify with the subject. As for general ambiance I think introducing another dynamic into the game could pull the gamer out of the survival horror mindset that they could more readily be disturbed. Ok onto my final point. I always find it very disturbing if you are able to blur the line between the game and real world. For example weave historical fact into the plot line. Making the horror element as believable as possible. You could for example claim that the spirits exist in the world of dark matter. Of course then you risk going into the realm of science fiction. Then again is that such a bad thing. Another technique that I have seen used is to address the player directly. Perhaps by saying to them that this game is really a way for the spirits to try and communicate with them. That the characters in the game aren't real and the real goal of the game is to interact with the player. Im kinda a sucker for post modernism though.
  4. Memetic1

    My Tentative Idea Thread

    Wow I can see allot of potential in both games. First off let me compliment you on your originality here! Both games are not your standard fantasy/scifi setting so you have plus 1 from me. I only really have this idea for right now for your second game. I came up with this a few days ago, and I'm really excited about the possibility of it being incorporated in such a cool world. I agree that permadeath has its merits and disadvantages. I came up with a system that is in a way the best of both worlds Was also thinking u could do a more realistic family system in mmorpg by having a base population on the server and only allowing a new player on when a couple has a child. If the player is a playing player then they could determine their appearance if however their a free to play member then it would be a combination of the couples appearances. Of course with a bit of random variation. Starting stats could also be determined in such a manner. I still haven't figured out how childhood would be done. However if u were to incorporate the possibility of player death i think their children/spouses/guild should inherit their liquid and or material assets.
  5. Well I just read the intro to you'r community, and I know I'm violating the rules on not posting in the first hour. However I just really feel strongly on this issue. I think in way too many games evil is depicted in a rather boring manner. The game that most readily comes to mind is the fable series. I personaly prefer a little bit of moral ambiguity in my games. The best example I can think of so far, and it's an old one so hold on to you'r hats is the star wars game knights of the old republic. One game mechanic that I have seen recently work even if it is simplistic is turning down quest rewards in exchange for a better reputation. I think my basic advice here is make sure that either decision is philisophically compelling. Heres some good examples to get you thinking of similar situations you could put the players in http://listverse.com/2007/10/21/top-10-moral-dilemmas/ If you want to read deeper on morality here is a paper from harvard http://www.wjh.harvard.edu/~jgreene/GreeneWJH/Cushman-Greene-Finding-Faults-SN12.pdf Anyway I hope I have helped you a little here and not just shown myself to be a complete ignoramous. Also please forgive my spelling as it has never been my strong suit, and I am running under a time constraint right now.
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