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    C bindings

    So I keep angelscript_c.h out of the (C library's) compilation process, but #include it in my own project? If so, I have a half-assed makefile for it - it doesn't offer anything fancy like the environment's compiler options, but it gets the job done.
  2. Hellrazor236

    C bindings

    Okay, how am I supposed to compile it? (I'm using GCC) Do I just go into the gnuc folder, run "make all SHARED=1", go through the dynamic linking in my code, and #include angelscript_c.h?
  3. Hellrazor236

    C bindings

    Sweet, thanks!
  4. Hellrazor236

    C bindings

    So it's gruntwork? Okey-dokey. And who's this other user working on it or where can I see the updates, etc., etc. - I'd hate to write what's already been written.
  5. Hellrazor236

    C bindings

    Well, if you told me what to do and how to do it I'm sure I could help.
  6. Hellrazor236

    C bindings

    Are there any updated C bindings? If not, what would it take to gets some?
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