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    Awesome F-Zero physics

    How do you get awesome F-Zero physics. Like the one in this video.   Looks cool, but I have no idea on how to implement them.
  2. Why make a game from scratch when you can use unity? Particularly the new Unity 5.
  3.   Thanks for the great ideas. I will make my own SDL patch for the tilt sensor.       Thanks, I googled #include <android/sensor.h> and found what I needed. Unfortunately I couldn't find the iOS equivalent.
  4. I'm making a game for Android and iOS using OpenGL ES and SDL in C++ native code for cross-platformability and more efficient code. Though I am currently only testing on Android. (Inefficient code is a a BIG pet pevy of mine and a battery sucker.) OpenGL ES is for the graphics and SDL for the touch sensors, sound, OS events, timers, and to hold OpenGL ES. But there is a problem, how do I get tilt input with C/C++ code as I want to avoid the JNI as much as possible.   Can anyone help me out?
  5. How do you go about in-game character creation like that of Skyrim, The Sims, and Mass Effect? Things like skin tone, body sizes, tattoos, clothes, etc. And I mean technically, not the approach players will use. I figured there would be multiple models, but the is still much I really want to know. Are there articles or source coded demos? I tried googling it, but I didn't find anything good.
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