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  1. Scientists are testing that we are in the Matrix...

    [quote name='L. Spiro' timestamp='1355529116' post='5010779'] This is a logical fallacy. I have written a programming language that can be used to write the same programming language. I can use C++ to write a C++ parser and compiler. [/quote] I'm not saying it isn't possible to use todays tools to recreate.. just saying it wouldn't be likely they'd be using "old tech" to run advanced sims. Why use flint and tinder when you have a lighter in your pocket so to speak.
  2. Scientists are testing that we are in the Matrix...

    I love when people try to disprove a theory using [b]today's [/b]technological limitations. I suppose that's called "thinking inside the box". if the world we currently live in is the work of a simulation... the technology being used would be so far beyond our comprehension we might as well just call it "magic". There was a post early in the thread I thought was a bit funny =P said something like if this was a simulation why would we need communication. I think I understand were you might have been trying to go with that, but why would someone trying to get an accurate simulation mess with the basics? Say for example..(if we had some of this magic tech that can run super advanced sims) if we wanted to see how the cave men existed... we'd want it accurate right? you wouldn't give them all zippos to start fires right? Anyhow, this isn't a new theory to my knowledge .. but its still a fun one to think about =)
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