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  1. sorry there is a typo.. for second cam x, y , width , height values are 1980/4, 0, 1980/4, 1024
  2. Hi Everyone!!!! I am using a in-house rendering library. In my recent work, I needed to render split screen for four players ie four cameras for each player. When I set the render target area of window using SetViewport call, it is being set to valid areas ie for each camera. For example if window size is 1980 x 1024 than for first cam, x, y, width and height params are 0 , 0, 1980/4, 1024, for second cam these values are 1980/4, 0, 1980/4 + 1980/4, 1024 so on so forth. I also verified that viewport is not being reset in-between. But still I get the result from last cam rendering covering to whole window. Can anyone help me what could possibly be wrong here? Thanks!! Happy coding.. akv