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    Hey Gamdev community, Since this is my very first post, let me introduce myself: I'm a 15 year old programmer. I have some experience of programming and can code some Java(and other "languages" like GML, javascript etc. but I don't count them as real languages). C++ is still a bit too hard for me and I can't really find any good tutorials that are game related, so I guess I'm sticking with Java for a while before I can take the step to C++. But let's get to my question. I am wanting to make my own Java game with OpenGL and I'm already able to make something with it, but I would like to find a few tutorials on this subject that are a bit faster paced than for example the tutorials of TheNewBoston(I don't need a 7 min explanation on if statements, I get it). I've also watched TheCodingUnivers' tutorial, because that is were I got my basic OpenGL knowlegde. So basically I was wondering if there were any good tutorials on OpenGL and Java? I would prefer if it would be less explanation and more creating/showing things. Thanks in advance!
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