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  1. I usually make 90% of the game in the first month and spend the rest of the time on polishing the details, finding bugs and usability analysis. [/quote] Do you work on these games alone too? Have you released any games for iOS or android? I am just starting and would love to ask someone who has gone down the same path a few questions.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I think I should start out by making the game with basic graphics and simple animations done in photoshop/paint. Once I have the game design down, I will spend a lot more time on polishing it and making it attractive. I will probably end up buying a graphics tablet and a copy of adobe creative suite and just work away with some art/graphics. Does this "game designer" do any programmig related work?
  3. This is what I fear... I am just a lone young programmer and I feel that I will never be able to get something as polished as fruit ninja all on my own .. unless I spend months and months... I agree there is a lot more to a game then just simply making it work.. but that is all I am capable of (making it work).. the other stuff.. well that will come with time I guess. and thanks! I will be sure to check out the video. I am afraid it might demotivate me though because they have resources and I am just myself.
  4. I plan on getting started early 2013, and will be working alone. The game will be 2D and have some mediocre animation work. Platform will be Android and programming wise I am capable, graphics/sound effects/UI design is not my strong suit. Creating a working prototype with the most basic of graphics is not a problem, I think I am capable of that. The involved physics should not be too complicated, the tough part is making it look pretty, as is with most games.
  5. I want to start making something similar, I have some ideas. I have already started doing research and tutorials with the platform I am comfortable with and have started learning about Unity and other engines. My question is that, does a game like that requiere a lot of people to do the graphics/animations. What is the size of the team who made these two games?
  6. Millionaire

    Question about use of JNI

    Thanks everyone, this really clears up some questions.
  7. Millionaire

    Question about use of JNI

    Hi, I was doing some research about Open GL for Android and came across this users question on StackOveflow : http://stackoverflow...ndroid-graphics In his explanation, he states : "The math engine is in C (JNI)" I was just wondering why would this user want to use a math engine written in C through JNI and not just implement it in Java. Also, can someone help me better understand when you would want to use JNI and how it really works? Thanks.
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