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  1. Write a story for this game concept

    Came across this thread, saw the pictures, got some ideas and did a bit exercising. Didn't read the first post though, and it became somewhat of a short story... maybe the 3rd or 4th I've written in my life. Might be suited for a text adventure. As non-native English speaker, I expect it to be full of flaws. http://pastebin.com/tX0xjuzp Personally, i don't like it, won't continue... but I'd like to hear your opinion, if somebody has one.
  2. Newbie with questions!

    Well, SDL and SFML are multimedia frameworks, not full-fletched game engines. You might take a look at Orx ( C ), Allegro ( C ) or even Cocos2d-x (C++/JavaScript/C#, used by Zynga).