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    SFML troubles

    Yes, sure, it was the basic "Get a window to show" tutorial(the part that only deals with opening a window) in their "Tutorials" section (It was SFML 2.0 by the way, kind of forgot to mention that)   My computer's: Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.5Ghz 32bit OS Ram: 3.25Gb Graphics card: GF 9800GT My computer is really old, almost 4 years, so I guess that's the problem  
  2. big-green

    SFML troubles

    I don't know why it takes that long, I'm not really loading that much(i assume that you mean there's a lot of code or objects being created, correct me if I misunderstood you).
  3. big-green

    SFML troubles

    The problem was myself, I was so anxious to get going and didn't wait the 30 seconds the program needed to open a window(for me at least), i guess this was a little unexpected since i came from doing very small stuff that loads instantly.
  4. big-green

    SFML troubles

    Resolved, please close this :)
  5. big-green

    SFML troubles

    Hey everyone, happy holidays! First off, I'm sort of a beginner in programming, but since I got bored of the usual high school assignments of reading and writing to text files, I decided to try my luck with sfml, but I run into a problem which I guess is not that common (couldn't find the answer on the internet). So the solution was obvious, I decided to ask a question on the forum I am always stalking :) The problem: After compiling the code and running it, I only get an empty console window and nothing else (i copied the code from the sfml website, which is supposed to output a green circle in a new window). I tried marking lines with the great red dot, but when debugging it doesn't let me jump to other lines, seems like the program itself is just stuck. I am using visual studio 11, I get the same thing while using visual c++ 2010 though. Looking forward to your replies
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