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    Whats the point in hobby game programming?

    I work with a team of five guys and of all of us only two of us have degrees,  two of my fellow programmers and my producer don't have a college degree and I don't think you necessarily need one to succeed as a game programmer. In fact the most experienced and sought after engineer of our team who left us earlier this year had a presentation at Unite , and yet has no degree. he's brilliant by anyones standards .   I find the educational foundation useful and overall I would argue that including school projects and released projects I have the most experience on different games in my team but the guys I work with are very capable and highly sought after themselves.  I worked on a lot of hobby projects myself and those got me far more attention  then my degrees ever did . In fact  on my first day everyone basically knew me as the " Stick-man game guy "  . the point being that your work has a potential payoff you just haven't achieved it yet. instead of  criticizing your efforts on working on projects could I instead ask if possibly you are marketing yourself incorrectly ?  Where does your portfolio show up ?  are you attending networking events in your local area? what kind of online presence do you have ?  they may seem like insignificant questions but in our field they are important . 
  2. Give me one of them Sweet Consonants!
  3. Excited about the future of my career but also very Cautious !
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