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  1. silv3r.m00n

    WebGL Lode Runner

    this looks like a 2d game, what did you use webgl for ?
  2. Hi Made a simple game in html5/box2d. Its called Fruit Frenzy. Check it out at http://www.thegamehill.com/fruitfrenzy/ Feedback is welcome. Regards Silver
  3. yeah, you are right. This is the default behaviour of box2d objects with friction enabled. To make the monkey slide of the side of the block would require a bit of complex construction which I avoided in this tutorial, to keep it simple. thanks silver
  4. silv3r.m00n

    Game from Scratch ? C++

    start with javascript if you want to learn quick. otherwise most of time would be spend on fixing syntax errors in c++
  5. silv3r.m00n

    2d sliding collision detection

    just use box2d
  6. Written a tutorial on how to make a simple game in html5 using box2d and javascript. Read it here. Regards Silver
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