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  1. WebGL Lode Runner

    this looks like a 2d game, what did you use webgl for ?
  2. Hi Made a simple game in html5/box2d. Its called Fruit Frenzy. Check it out at http://www.thegamehill.com/fruitfrenzy/ Feedback is welcome. Regards Silver
  3. [quote name='DpakoH' timestamp='1355844736' post='5012085'] [b]good job![/b] i am gonna report a bug though: the monkey can hang on the side of the block and jump its way back on top of it [/quote] yeah, you are right. This is the default behaviour of box2d objects with friction enabled. To make the monkey slide of the side of the block would require a bit of complex construction which I avoided in this tutorial, to keep it simple. thanks silver
  4. Game from Scratch ? C++

    start with javascript if you want to learn quick. otherwise most of time would be spend on fixing syntax errors in c++
  5. 2d sliding collision detection

    just use box2d
  6. Written a tutorial on how to make a simple game in html5 using box2d and javascript. Read it [url="http://www.binarytides.com/make-html5-game-box2d-javascript-tutorial/"]here[/url]. Regards Silver
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