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  1. unbird,   My project is very performance-sensitive, so Gavin's version is difficult to apply.   As you said, one proper way is making one of x/y/z value of a vertex of a triangle NaN value. In my code, NaN value is specified with std::numeric_limits<float>::signaling_NaN() func. This is cheap and easy.   Another way is making indices of a triangle (0,0,0) or something non-triangle vertex indices.   Both method are suit to me.
  2. unbird, COOL! It is magic. It perfectly matches to my work. Thanks. And thanks to Gavin Williams for reordering indices technique.
  3. Hi. I'm using DirectX9. Thanks for reading. I want to skip some vertices drawing mesh with DrawIndexedPrimitive() func. Original mesh (with one DrawIndexedPrimitive() call): [font=courier new,courier,monospace]???????[/font] [font="courier new, courier, monospace"]?/?/?/?[/font] ??????? ?/?/?/? ??????? ?/?/?/? ??????? and I want to make the mesh like this: [font=courier new,courier,monospace]??????? ?/?/?/? ??????? ?/ ?/? ? * ??? /?/? ?????[/font] (the vertex marked as * <- is skipped one.) Of course it can be achived with DrawPrimitive() func, but DrawPrimitive() is very inefficient for some reasons such that memory efficiency or many draw call. It seems quiet difficult problem to me. Anyone tried to do this? It'll be appreciate for any ideas.
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