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    My Game, 4 Years Later

    Thanks! :)
  2. funnyben123

    My Game, 4 Years Later

    Hello All! It's been awhile since I've posted here and I've been busy.    4 years ago I wanted to create my own Real Time Strategy game, but there were no tools readily available to make this happen. I decided to create a tool for players and gamers that would enable them to create their own RTS game with no prior coding knowledge.    It's been one hell of a journey, and I can honestly say the learning curve was completely unanticipated. It was made with BlitzMAX, OpenGL, and Newton Physics.    Please feel free to vote for the project on Steam Greenlight, any support is greatly appreciated! :)   http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=223060487     Thanks! Ben
  3. I'm attempting to anti alias by rendering to a larger texture then scaling down the texture. My code looks like this    glViewPort(0,0,GraphicsWidth()*2,GraphicsHeight()*2) glFrustum(0,Graphicswidth()*2,0,GraphicsHeight()*2,1,1000) glDrawElements() glViewPort(0,0,GraphicsWidth(),GraphicsHeight()) glFrustum(0,GraphicsWidth(),0,GraphicsHeight(),1,1000)   For some reason it's only rendering the bottom left corner of the FBO.
  4. my apologies for being new to opengl, does order matter when call glUseProgram and glBindFramebuffer? if I - glUseProgram(1) glBindFramebuffer(x) dlDrawElements() Will I be using program 1? Thanks!
  5. Hello! I'm new to forum and to openGL as well and struggled these last few days to get an SSAO shader to work. For this I needed a Color, Luminance, and Depth Texture. Is it possible to acquire all of these with a single pass? Thanks! BlaBZ!
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