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  1. EddieK

    Warfront Infinite

    Still in very early stage of development. You can upgrade only few tower types, there's only one level and there are many bugs. This is planned to be released on Steam sometime this year (2018)
  2. This week my artist finished working on the new alien type called Fast Alien. After he finished, I spend some time incorporating it into the game, which means that I did some coding and managing animations. After I finished with this new alien, I started implementing the new GUI system. As of now I have finished settings and main menu screens. This is how it looks now: I also started preparing for the release of the game. I signed up for steam direct, sent them my documents, payed the registration fee, got my documents approved and next week I will start populating the steam store page.
  3. I'm glad you like it! There will be more visual changes in the coming months such as new aliens and environment. I'm REALLY glad I found someone who does this amazing art, since without him this project would still look like "programmers art"
  4. This week me and my artist were working hard on the new alien model and its animations. My job was to implement the animated models into the game engine, manage transitions between different states and rewrite the enemy controller script. Since I haven't worked on skeletal animations in unity yet, it was a good learning experience and I found out that unity has this Animator component which handles transitions between animations and it is really easy to use. All I had to do was use Animator editor to create few different states (for walking, dying, getting hurt and attacking) and draw some lines between states to mark transitions. Then you can click on each of the connecting lines to edit the transition between those states and it will bring up this window: Here you can edit how fast the transitions occurs, when does it occur and more. To control the animations using the C# script all you have to do is to use GetComponent<Animator>() and then call its .Play(<animationName>) method. It will automatically do all the transitions which you created in the Animator tab. This is how the animations look in game: As you can see I added some glowing which I thought would look cool. There's still 5 more alien enemies left to do and after that we'll be working on the environment, adding buildings, new textures and overall changing the look of the levels.
  5. Uuuu, looks pretty interesting
  6. This week me and my graphics designer have decided to drastically change the theme of the game. Instead of generic military-based theme for enemies, we decided to go with something more fun... ALIENS. That's right. The enemies will now be aliens and your mission will be to defend your base from these monsters: Although as of now these aliens aren't animated and won't appear in the screenshots below, I'm positive that next week they will be implemented into the game. Regarding the programming side of the game, I have implemented few new features: Player can now fix damaged towers using a wrench tool Implemented in-game options menu and got rid of the Unity's generic resolution/quality settings menu. Added information windows which will be shown at the beginning of the game. These windows will contain information about new enemies and towers As well as this, I fixed some bugs and started preparing the project to support multiple levels. This week I'll be working on adding more levels to the game and will be thinking about what kind of enemies could be implemented.
  7. EddieK

    plane game

    3.0 is actually a double-precision floating-point value (or just 'double'), so the result will either be equal to float or double (I'm not sure which one, to be exact), but certainly not an integer.
  8. EddieK

    plane game

  9. Hmm... Haven't thought about that. Although it might not be visible from this picture, but those hoses are pretty high above the enemy jeeps, so they could hardly be able to reach them. But still, I get your point. I might ask the artist to do something about it, but as of now it's not that urgent, since there are LOTS of other things which need to be modeled first.
  10. The days between now and when the last blog entry was written were pretty hard. Not because I had some hard programming problems to solve, but because of procrastination. This is not the first time it became an issue, but this is the longest period of time where I did mostly nothing, and I feel REALLY bad about it. I guess I'm a bit perfectionist and wannabe workaholic who tries to work every minute of my life, but that this when the procrastination doesn't get the best of me. Reasons For Procrastination Before the procrastination started I thought that to become a good game developer you firstly needed to play games yourself. And this might be true, but when playing games becomes more important than actually making games, I see it as a problem. In the last week or so I became kind of addicted to games. That's because it feels like an achievement every time I beat a new game, and somehow it makes me feel good about myself. That never happened to me before. I mean, I did play games, but I didn't enjoy them THAT much. And I think this is the problem. I started enjoying playing games more than developing them, and this needs to be fixed FAST. My Plan For Ending Procrastination First of all, I will try to play less. I will make games a reward after I do something new with my project. Maybe for every hour of coding, I will let myself play 30 minutes of Metro 2033. Next, I noticed that most of my procrastination comes from me being lost between all the different tasks that need to be programmed. Well, the tasks themselves may not be the problem, but the fact that I'm not sure HOW I should do it is. To fix this, I decided that for each task I will spend at least 15 minutes to brainstorm ideas on how it should be implemented. For example, yesterday I knew I needed to make allied bomber plane airstrike which would target enemy vehicles. But I didn't know how to implement it. Where should the airstrike button be, how should it look like, what happens after you click it, should the game randomly choose which enemies the planes target, or should the player do so, and so on. To answer these questions, I turned off my youtube tab (less distractions is better), took a pen and paper, and started writing. And voila, after 10 or so minutes I had a small plan figured out. There's something about writing things down which make them more important and urgent than having them in your mind. Also it makes it easier for you, because you don't have to remember as much stuff. What I've Done Although I procrastinated a lot, there are still some things which I've done. One of them is the allied airstrike which I mentioned earlier. Upon clicking the airstrike button, the mouse turns into a target icon and you can select which enemy you want to bomb. There will be a limited amount of airstrikes per given time. Next, I added some motion blur into the game, which is not necessary, but pretty cool I guess. Also added ambient occlusion. And most importantly I prepared the project to support multiple levels, since now there's only one. Art My artist is working hard on the last turret models. This is what he came up with this week. Next Week During the next week I think I will start implementing other levels, and finally will try to get the project closer to release.
  11. Thanks, Rutin! It will look even better in the coming days
  12. I totally understand that it can be overwhelming I will certainly make it so that in the first level the player only gets to choose between 2 towers, and then it will gradually increase the count. Same goes for the enemies
  13. Lessons Learned From Playtesters Last week I released an alpha version of the game and got some feedback. Even though only one person actually responded, it was still enough for me to see what is wrong with the game. I had few people play my game before the alpha release and their response was pretty similar. I also looked at how people play the game and seen some gameplay mistakes they do. People who are not familiar with tower defense genre seem to be clueless as to where the towers should be placed. Also, number of people told that they would like to zoom out further away from the play field to see more of it. Things Done This Week This week I totally revamped the camera system. Since this is what the players wanted, the game now lets the user completely zoom out and see the whole map at once without the need to move the camera. This system also makes sure that the camera doesn't go out of play field's bounds and when the player zooms in, the camera gets closer to the mouse pointer. Another thing I've implemented is the explosion mark decals on the ground which makes the play field look more like a real battle zone. Next, I made the tanks shoot at the turrets, but these tanks will be introduced in later levels, since it might be too hard for beginner to keep up with all the action going on. You can see the new camera view and explosion decals in this screenshot: Also, just for fun I wanted to do a little flashback into the past and remind you how the game looked like 3 months ago, when it was still programmed in Java/Kotlin + OpenGL Tower Models Here is the new level 3 anti-air laser tower model: And this is the rocket tower which is still in progress of development:
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