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  1. EddieK

    Warfront Infinite

    Still in very early stage of development. You can upgrade only few tower types, there's only one level and there are many bugs. This is planned to be released on Steam sometime this year (2018)
  2. EddieK

    Steampunk xcom - display of enemy names

    This looks soo good, keep it up!
  3. EddieK


    Thanks, guys! Yeah, the normal map is not so pronounced in the game engine, so it looks quite different (In a good way, I guess)
  4. EddieK


    Hooray! Image of the day! It means a lot to me, guys
  5. EddieK


    Wow, looks great! Is this a flying type of game? Maybe have a playable demo? ;D
  6. EddieK


    Woah looks very cool, dude! I like the minimalistic pixel art style you chose
  7. EddieK

    Character SmileBeast

    As a person who suffered severe depression in the past, I really appreciate what you have done. But for some reason this reminds me of the male genitalia
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