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  2. This week After getting some feedback about how my game looks, I started trying out different things and seeing which ones look the best. Ground One of the first things I've done is I changed the ground texture from grass to concrete and added normal maps to make it look more realistic. Before: After: New Turret Models I decided to change old square looking turrets into something more smooth and more detailed. As of now I only have few fully finished turrets, but I'll be working on more of them this week. Here's how they look up close: And just for comparison, this is one of the old turrets and ground textures: Features The one main feature which I added this week is the bomber jet fighters, which bomb the turrets from the air and reduces their health. Also I added trail of smoke coming from the rockets. Next Week Next week I'll be working on tweaking the graphics style even more. I still have lots of turrets which need to be remodeled. I also don't like the looks of the trees and the walls, so I might start working on that as well.
  3. You are right, I haven't play tested the game yet and I haven't yet balanced everything. I guess I should make a minimum viable product first, and then go and make the graphics look better. My main priority wasn't graphics anyways, all I want to do is a game that is actually fun for once...
  4. I think at some points in life we all had to deal with such people. I guess I'll take your advice and try not to think too much about these naysayers. Anyways, thanks for the uplifting post, it somehow made me feel better
  5. Hmm, I started changing the grass texture so now it looks like this (attached an image). I'll try to make it asphalt and see if it looks any better. But I don't think it will change much from what it was before, because asphalt is mainly grey color with some very tiny details which won't be seen from such great distance. As of now, the grass looks pretty good, but its style is somehow different from towers'. But I guess it's not a problem for now, since I will be changing the towers and their textures anyways.
  6. Another great advice! I will try experimenting with different ideas, including yours, and will see which one looks the best
  7. Well maybe not ALL the issues, but few of them at least I agree that these squary looking tower bases don't look very aesthetic, and the grass could be improved. I will start working on those for now, and will see how it goes. Thanks, again
  8. Wow, thanks for all the great feedback! I really appreciate it and I will will try to adress all of these issues. I also should either go find someone who does modelling, or try to improve my own modelling skills to make the game more appealing to the eye.
  9. Yeah I agree with you. Constructive feedback would be nice, like what exactly the person doesn't like or what do they think is missing. I think I'm being a bit over sensitive at this point. After I release my game on steam, I think I will get much more negative feedback but hopefully at least with more details. You can see some of the screenshots here: https://www.gamedev.net/gallery/album/1966-tower-defense/ What do you guys think I could add to make it more appealing?
  10. I feel you... The problem is that non developers don't understand how much effort it takes to make a game and they don't appreciate it as much as we do. But as the saying goes "The customer is always right"
  11. So today I posted a post on reddit (which I really don't do often) with a gif of my current state of the game, I know it doesn't look VERY good, but it's... decent I guess. And somebody made a comment about how my game looks like shit. On one side it's motivating because I want to make something that doesn't look like crap, but on the other side it can be really demotivating. Have you ever had people say this stuff to you? If so, how did you feel?
  12. This week During previous week and this week's first half I was primarily working on visuals. This includes rework of Red Alert inspired slower towers, new models for upgraded towers and more. Glowing Towers One of the visual effects I implemented is glowing towers. This feature is very apparent in slower towers, but some of you might notice that other towers make use of this effect as well (the little lights at the bottom of the towers). The player will now also have a visual cue about the current upgrade level of the tower. If the level is 1, the tower will glow in yellow, if level 2, the tower will grow in blue, if level 3 the tower will glow in red/violet. Normal Maps I also started implementing normal maps into my game. As of now the most apparent tower which uses them is the slower tower. To generate the maps I used the free online tool which does a pretty good job and I think it will be sufficient for now. This is the result: Next Week For the next week I should be going through and implementing features in my TODO list which includes functionalities such as CTRL+Z to undo tower placement, fix the issue where towers expand infinitely, add jet fighters which drop bombs on turrets, and more.
  13. Ahh... Yes, the bug where the tower grows in size. It happens if you double click the upgrade button, you can fix it by selling the tower and placing a new one there. But I will address that issue in the comming week. If you could play test the game, that would be great! I will contact you when I will need to play test the game, if that's alright with you
  14. It might be too hard for a first level, but as I mentioned before this is nowhere near to being finished, so I will add option to choose difficulty and will balance the waves, turret stats and prices accordingly. Anyways, thanks for trying it out, it means a lot to me :))
  15. Looks great! I really like the audio you used. Also it seems that you put much effort into overall look and feel
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