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    I'm going to list some of my own experience, in hopes that you find it helpful and insightful. Use it as you will.   I've always acted as more a design lead myself, in terms of  game mechanics/logic (game levels, characters, combat, etc.), so I understand that side of how you feel. A clear vision for each game and extensible concepts that fit within the overall vision are necessities.   That said, you don't want to define your role that way. I wouldn't say you shouldn't be the "idea guy", but you definitely shouldn't expect to be JUST the "idea guy". Find a way to contribute on one end or the other. I generally focus on software architecture in projects I work on (lately many non-games), and enforce software engineering principles, etc. but that is also my academic area of expertise. I also contribute more than my fair share of the actual programming. I have a background in 3d graphical applications as well, and understand enough of the concepts of the artistic side to be able to use/incorporate the models and art that is provided, as well as make reasonable requests.   This background normally puts me into some form of lead role since I have knowledge in multiple areas, I like to think that I have a good head for game mechanics, and I pull my own weight (programming) so that the necessary respect is there. My advice? Decide which role you would rather fill in your team from a product point of view (code, models, etc.) and excel at it. The other roles WILL have to be filled as well, but on a small team they shouldn't define the core role of any single team member. Be a programmer or an artist that additionally contributes heavily into the concepts you feel you excel in. Success will just grant more opportunities to do so again within the team.
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