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  1. newbie needs help with where to start

    sweet thanks for the help, while i waited i started following a tutorial on you tube for C++, did the hello world and am actually doing a guess the number game now. after this tutorial is finished i'll look back to see if you guys think i should keep with C++ or switch over to C#
  2. newbie needs help with where to start

    I apologize if this is then wrong section. First about me, I have a certification in web development and took classes programming HTML, Java, COBOL and AS 400, so I have a tiny bit of programming back ground. I can sort of read code and understand it but I have never actually written anything, unless you count apple BASIC programs. I am a systems guy. I understand networks and SQL databases and things on that end. My question is where I should start with programming with the intention of developing a game. Do I start in visual studio with C# or C++ and what is the best super beginner guide you can think of? Or is there a better language for a total beginner? Is it better to create my own engine or try to find a free engine and code off that? What is used for level design? (Software and so forth) My 5 year down the road hopes would be to have a game where you as a toon can run around an open world colleting items using those items to create weapons and other things while avoiding/killing enemies.