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  1. package falling; public class window { this.setTitle("Falling"); } if(false) { this.setExtendedState(this.MAXIMIZED_BOTH) } else { this.setSize (1024, 768) this.setLocationRelativeTo(null) this.setResizable(false) }   Netbeans is saying that this.setTitle("Falling") expects a class,method or enum. However i thought i already specified that is was public class window in package falling. Am i forgetting something?
  2. Spencer Burd

    Very Basic Question about classes

    I am doing this as a hobby so Its not like I have anything riding on success or failure.
  3. I just need to know what classes i need for a 2D platformer other than these:   main   gravity   physics   player   entity   collision   Also, how do i set the dimensions for the game window on the desktop?   If you could include basic code for ones being added, that'd be great.  
  4. Spencer Burd

    Retro Java Platformer

    I can test Windows 8 if you still need one.
  5. When i installed the C++ IDE netbeans, it says i needed to make a PATH variable to a compiler, and a make command. I am totally not sure how to do this. Can someone help me?  
  6. Thanks, i will post a finished result later. Much later.
  7. Alright thanks and i do understand vector math.
  8. I only need a basic walkthrough of how i should go about making a 2D platformer. I would rather go to hell then try and make my first game as 3D. I am not looking to publish. I just want to know i can do it. I just need someone to give me a vague(sort of) (i'll figure out how to) tutorial. Example:   1. Get idea 2. write code 3. implement files 4. music 5. images 6. bugs 7. beta 8.finished   Preferably going more in depth during 2-5   Grazie, Spencer
  9. I found that it may be easier to just list questions in bullet form, with the corresponding programming language. Background I know basic java. I am willing to learn Java What programs do i need for programming, modeling, art, music, etc.? What skills do i need? If someone could give me basic method setups i'd be grateful. How do i compile .java files? Why is it that when i try to compile the files, i click execute and the game doesn't even start? C++ What's an easy way to learn this language? What programs do i need for programming, modeling, art, music, etc.? How do i get my games onto the Android App store (aka Google Play?)   ~Spencer 
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