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  1. How to publish html5 javascript game.

    Here is a tutorial on how to publish html5 games to kongregate:   There are several sites similar to kongregate, such as Armored Games, just do a seach of 'online games'. Each has a specific set of APIs you will need to implement in order to earn revenue and have them work with loging in and other features.   You can also host it on your own website.
  2. Is this game worth saving?

    I think you have a decent framework for a version 2 or a similar game.    A few things I noted: To much lag when there are several zombies on the screen (firing weapon and walking). The artwork is good enough for conceptualization, but needs to be improved for a final/next project (I am not an artist either). Game balance, I beat the game on easy and on hard to look at the contrast.  The only difference seemed to be how hard the zombies hit.  It was not difficult to beat on either mode, on hard I got 100 on all 3 boxes on the bottom. To much time between waves. Everything else I noted has been mentioned above.   Of everything mentioned, the lag is the only thing that needs to be 'fixed'.  Something in your code is not working right, and if you move on to another project now you may carry the code design with you. 
  3. XNA vs Love2D vs Java performance

    Java can do the job, just off the top of my head I can think of 2 big games   XNA is a good platform too, and since C# and Java are very similar you may have no trouble learning it.  Here is one basic tutorial, and there are many other's on the same site: I know it says for xbox, but C# XNA can be compiled for Windows too.  You can choose to ignore all the steps concerning xbox.  On the bottom, just download the one that says: Project and Content - Windows.
  4. Unity, yes or no?

      I too was going to point out that Unity is difficult for coordinating projects, unless you want to add on the Unity Asset Server for another $500.  If you want to develop for every platform expect to pay over $5000.  If you do go with unity, code in C# as its a standardized language.  If you decide to move onto other IDE you can use the code or what you learned of C# directly.