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  1. Z-Buffer Issues

    Hi   I actually just fixed it - I had all the depth test options set but hadn't specified 24 bit z-buffer when opening the GLFW window.   Thanks   Jon
  2. Z-Buffer Issues

    Hi I'm developing a very basic 3D world type application but I'm having trouble with my z-buffer. Essentially, I load models from Obj files and each separate model has its own model matrix - I then multiply this by the view/projection matrix as each one is rendered. Each model has its own VAO/VBO and then in the main loop I just call `model1.render()` then `model2.render()` etc. The render method loads the relevent VAO/VBO and then calls drawArrays(). Problem is, the z-buffer appears to be doing nothing. So if I have cube at (0,0) and a sphere at (0,10) - all the time that the cube render call is after the sphere render call, the cube is rendered in front of the sphere. I can't figure out what the issue is at all? Is it because I use the separate VAOs/VBOs? Many thanks Jon