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  1. conq

    This is a joke! (US Presidential Election Thread)

    google logged me in wrong again :(
  2. conq

    This is a joke! (US Presidential Election Thread)

      I thought Moore was a trump fan after the first 1/2 of this.  
  3. conq

    Trump Is The Republican Candidate - Now What?

      Not that they don't conform to US values, but that they don't conform to Western values, and that China's policies are extremely dangerous to free expression.         I'm an imperialist I guess, then. It's done wonders for countries where it's followed through the full course of political/moral restructure and Westernization like Japan/South Korea/ (post-ww2 western) Germany/Hawaii/    The right to depose a government is based on the Western idealogy of granting people freedoms we typically enjoy regardless of where they are, and it's something I feel we should strongly strive to achieve.
  4. conq

    Trump Is The Republican Candidate - Now What?

      Both parts were a disaster. How the war was handled, and how the withdrawl was done. I'd think both other options were preferable, either we go in to help South Vietnam take the country/establish a democracy, or we just not get involved. The issue was we got caught up in a quagmire constantly defending against civilian resistance.     Nuking North Korea's leadership in Pyongyang would have been a great option. There's no definitive source, but estimates generally say Kim's dynasty has killed around 23 million people between imposed famine and concentration camps. As communist parties are usually led by a public idolized figure (Kim Il Sung), it presents the perfect target for nukes if we know their location.   If this was done as soon as China started entering the war (They mainly entered by land), they would have probably shocked them into a retreat knowing that their leadership could be the next target, and their nuclear program was way behind.   I wouldn't say we needed to nuke China to beat it in a scenario where they keep attacking without North Korea's help either, as they severely lacked military hardware/equipment to fight a sustained war.
  5. conq

    Trump Is The Republican Candidate - Now What?

        South Vietnamese were slaughtered en masse/forced into North Korean style labour camps/executed and worked to death when we pulled out. There were 2 competing thoughts in the USA. The first was to push into North Vietnam and capture the country. The second was to pull out entirely. The government in it's wisdom tried to please both sides by fortifying South Vietnam and largely ignoring North Vietnam, which annoyed both sides.   After a while of this, the American public was mostly war weary, so we left our allies to die. If we capture North Vietnam it would have been a safer withdrawl as the South Vietnamese army would fight the Vietcong instead of us, and they wouldn't have to contend with the superior Russian-backed North Vietnamese army.   The Korean war could certainly have been won. Which option would have hurt North Korea more in the long term, a nuke on Pyongyang or decades of the Kim dynasty?   The correct response would have been to remove North Korea from the fight ASAP then focus on China until they withdraw. With how China turned out, the world would probably be better off with their government deposed as well, really.     This is the real issue when these events start... The USA has an awful track record when installing dictators in areas that have sectarian violence. Most of our issues could be resolved if we'd either get better at it, or stay out entirely.    As for Vietnam's market, it's in a pretty good condition, I think they made the choice to take IMF loans knowing that it was for the best, and it seems to have been. At least, it's certainly better than if the government was in a total command economy.
  6. conq

    Trump Is The Republican Candidate - Now What?

      I meant more about the whole south Vietnamese genocide/forced labor thing which would have been avoided if we attacked North Vietnam instead of trying to defend against guerrilla warfare in the south.   They turned to a capitalized market after because it just makes more sense.       I agree that the UK doesn't get hit too hard with refugees, but fear over the situation was certainly a major factor       Even a small change would be enough to push many areas in the south into a remain vote. http://www.bloomberg.com/graphics/2016-brexit-referendum/   I'd say the Brexit vote's pretty much a direct result of the politicians not listening to their constituents on Immigration/NHS reform.
  7. conq

    Trump Is The Republican Candidate - Now What?

      Brexit wouldn't have won the vote if there wasn't a refugee crisis, so that already somewhat happened.   "Lefty politics" is something that's impacted the USA since we're war weary as well, because past mistakes like attacking Iraq/Libya/supporting "moderate" rebels etc. This power vacuum has allowed ISIS to grow.   Typically any time we just leave things alone after entering a conflict it tends to have disastrous consequences, like leaving the Korean/Vietnam war
  8. conq

    Trump Is The Republican Candidate - Now What?

      Yet he seems to be the better alternative.     Except as POTUS your entire job is domestic and foreign affairs. If you have to delegate your primary job then there is no need for you to be in that job. That is the same idea as me hiring you to program something for me and finding out that I'm paying you while you are having someone else do it instead. At that point it would make more sense to fire you and hire the other person. If POTUS has to delegate his responsibilities, then that is a glaring sign that he isn't capable of doing the job and shouldn't be elected into the position in the first place.     Not really, delegating matters to others/selecting good people to cabinet positions/advisor roles is probably the single most important job of the POTUS. One man can only do so much/have knowledge of so many subjects.
  9. conq

    Using Military Designs

    https://www.lexisnexis.com/legalnewsroom/intellectual-property/b/copyright-trademark-law-blog/archive/2012/01/25/ea-s-video-game-quot-battlefield-3-quot-turning-into-quot-battlefield-trademark-quot-as-video-game-manufacturer-sues-to-adjudicate-non-infringement-of-military-helicopters.aspx?Redirected=true   Don't use real world things unless you pay for the license.
  10. conq

    Slavery, Include Or Not?

    Everyone knows the primary purpose of mount&blade's slave system was to force hundreds of forest bandits to join you and do a robinhood playthrough.   At least that's what I did.
  11. You're accusing me of being a psycho, because of legitimate misgivings about the human race?!? Real classy. Is this the type of conduct that is to be expected from this board?   No, I'm not accusing you of being a psycho, but please consider the following, if It's a correct guess then you can get medication that will help with most/all of your symptoms. If I'm wrong, then I'm an idiot and it's a good thing I'm not a doctor. It could objectively be the best use of your time getting yourself checked out, as it's extremely hard to self diagnose that condition.     http://www.mentalhealthamerica.net/conditions/schizophrenia Paranoid schizophrenia -- a person feels extremely suspicious, persecuted, or grandiose, or experiences a combination of these emotions. Disorganized schizophrenia -- a person is often incoherent in speech and thought, but may not have delusions. Catatonic schizophrenia -- a person is withdrawn, mute, negative and often assumes very unusual body positions. Residual schizophrenia -- a person is no longer experiencing delusions or hallucinations, but has no motivation or interest in life. Schizoaffective disorder--a person has symptoms of both schizophrenia and a major mood disorder such as depression.   One of my good friends has paranoid schizophrenia, and he had a LOT of the symptoms you're describing here, where he thought everyone knew something about him that even he didn't know, and that they were all making fun of him/trying to fire him behind his back. He got meds and managed to get over it.
  12. It sounds kind of like you've got some paranoid schizophrenic tendencies... Seriously consider see'ing someone to rule out/confirm if this is the case. If in your head it makes sense that everyone has been conspiring against you to hurt you because of a past trauma, you need to seriously try and evaluate the chances of that from a neutral perspective.
  13. conq

    E3 Playstation

    Honestly, the entire show's been lame to me so far. Mostly pre-rendered cutscenes, heavily scripted on-rails games, gimmicks in their infancy (VR), and announcements everyone knew was coming.
  14. conq

    witcher 3 combat

    Lugaru/Overgrowth and Dragons dogma are probably the best for open world combat imo.   My issue with Skyrim's combat is that if anyone in the battle is melee, they just try to stick on the enemies and bash them to death, which isn't at fun as it sounds.   There's some great skyrim mods that improve it though, specifically mods that allow things like shield bashing/kicks to knock people back. This means the initial contact (along with choosing whether to block/power attack/spam attack) is repeated several times, instead of just running up to an enemy and spamming left click.
  15. *edit* why does google log me on this account after I come home from work *edit*
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