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  1. Does the same apply to post-apocalyptic games in general?
  2.   Play in the fascinating Abood World to help Abood find his coins and gems! Run, jump, explore and gather as much as you can! Abood World is a classic platform game that brings the feeling of classic games with HD Graphics. Game features: - 20 levels with increasing challenge. - 2 Different themes. - Many kinds of enemies to fight. - Classic game controls. If you are a fan of mario and similar platform games this is definitely for you, so download it and start playing right away!   Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.taslyah.aboodworld  
  3. Even in regular MMOs you tend to get sucked into fights that you didn't intend to start. Think of aggressive camps along the way or enemy players in PVP servers. You can always find the "safe" routes which are usually paved, that would at least save you from the wrath of aggressive camps.   Also, most of the turn-based games implement a very lengthy fighting style with little "motion" into them. I personally liked the way Paper Mario: Thousand Years Door Fighting style. There's a lot more action you can do in its fights than regular games that I've seen in my lifespan.   Another thing I'd like to mention is that making the fights more rewarding for the time spent would make a lot of sense. A fight that lasts for, lets say a few minutes, should definitely be more rewarding than doing a 30 seconds of mashing buttons against your macros.   One last thing to add, there should be the option to escape fights with a certain way for making it fail. If you escape a fight it would be nice if you get tossed a short distance that would allow you to move away from the fight.
  4. How about you set focus to your textbox?     rollOverButton.onRollOver = function(){     rollOv1._visible = true;     stage.focus= rollOv1; }
  5. As a matter of fact, I would like to see if anybody has an idea on how to do this thing in real time. It doesn't have to be really precise; any kind of trick that makes sense to the players would do.
  6. Hello everyone, So I was thinking about a concept of an isometric survival game focusing on the lack of food and equipment. One point I was stuck at is that if the player has very limited resources then they should be able to get the best out of them, and there comes the concept of precision into play. If, let's say, you have 3 bullets and 2 monsters are attacking you, then you should be able to aim and try to get a head-shot on them. The issue is that I have no idea how I would simulate/fake/create an illusion of the third dimension in such a setting. I would like to hear your suggestions or alternatives to improve on my point of the game.
  7. I've been lurking in the forums looking for a thread similar to yours. Upvoted for the valuable information.