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  1. I have a game idea and a couple years of programming eduction that I want to put to use. I have a good grasp on the game mechanics I want to use and a good grasp on the layout and functionality I want. It will be loosely based on Urban Rivals in that it will be a web based Trading Card Game (TCG) using HTML/CSS and some form of Flash/Shockwave for the main game engine.   I have knowlege of HTML/CSS and some bare bones JavaScript. Flash/Shockwave is comepletely new to me and I will need to learn it.   My questions are this:   1. One of the big questions I face is whether I should nail down the game logic and mechanics and try to make the JS replicate it, or if I should be designing the frame and adjust the mechanics to Flash's capabilities. I guess the real question, in automotive terms, is do you design the enginer first and make the frame fit the engine, or make the frame and design the engine to fit the frame?   2. I'm considering alternatives to Flash/Shockwave. Will HTML5 be replacing Flash for simple 2d game design? In your opinion will Flash be antiquated?   3. I've been hearing good things about Dart as well. Is it a viable replacement or will Flash still be needed?   Thank you.