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  1. x6itru

    Assimp issue

    hm it displayed correctly in my engine, and i cant find error in your code o.0 only thing im not sure is flag "aiProcess_SplitLargeMeshes" maybe it just not working?  I think you can just get correct indices and vertices count for each part of mesh, and draw it via separate drawcall
  2. x6itru

    Assimp issue

    I can check it in my application, just upload this .obj model if you can.
  3. x6itru

    Ugly lines on screen.

    its not normal screen tearing, i've got it with enable vsync too.
  4. Yes of course i'm setting sum to 0, can you tell me something more about per-pixel normals(almost nothing in google about that) or any other way to make it smooth?
  5. hello again ;/ I have really strange problem with vertex normals. result : code for compute vertex normal : Result is very strange ;/ There are strange small "holes" - ofc they're from normals, terrain grid is smooth, so normals should be smooth too. ;/
  6. he didnt specify which glsl version he's using.
  7. I've normalized it twice by accident thanks for help, it should look smoother with per vertex normals.
  8. shaders are correct, its working for me on HD4870 ;p What is your gpu?
  9. Hello there, i have small problem with normals for terrain generated from heightmap. I'm trying to generate normals for it, and its almost working, but i'm getting very strange result ( there are strange stripes everywhere ;f) :      Code for generation normals : glm::vec3 x6ngine::cHeightMap::computeNormal(glm::vec3 v0, glm::vec3 v1, glm::vec3 v2) { return glm::normalize(glm::normalize(glm::cross(v2-v0,v1-v0))); } i dont know where's problem ;/ somewhere in opengl code?, or i'm just generating it wrong? Thanks for help. Regards x6itru.
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