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  1. Hi everyone, I'm here to post about my new bullet hell game, The Sins Awakening The Sins Awakening is a heavily Touhou-inspired shooter which will take the player through 7 stages in order to seal the Seven Deadly Sins once again. The game has quite a high difficulty level, so it is normal for new players to get not too far. Good players shouldn't find it too hard to clear it. I'm really looking forward to any kind of feedback you can give me, so if you have any comments, I'd be glad to hear them, even (or rather especially) if they are critics. You can download the game here. http://michard.itch.io/the-sins-awakening There you will also find more information and screenshots. Oh, and by the way, I first got in contact with the musician of the game through GameDev.net's hobbyist classifieds, back in December 2012! I hope you will enjoy the game, thank you for your time!