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  1. Tim Ogunmakin

    [Solved] Loading enemies method

    Fixed it all by re-doing the whole spawning code myself. Note to self: try something first before looking at books to do it   thanks for the help!
  2. Tim Ogunmakin

    [Solved] Loading enemies method

      Ive now done this, I've moved the loading enemies into the Game class in the LoadContent() region however I'm getting the same thing :S   Im using "Learning XNA 4.0" by Aaron reed :)
  3. Tim Ogunmakin

    [Solved] Loading enemies method

      I dont have a Game1 function, most of my code is in the GameplayScreen class, here is my heirarchy:  
  4. I'm trying to spawn a new enemy in my game, I've been following a book to do this :   public void LoadEnemies() { int randY = random.Next(100,400); if (spawnzz >= 1) { spawnzz = 0; if (enemies.Count < 4) { enemies.Add(new EnemySpawn(Content.Load("Graphics/Sprites/enemy"), new Vector2(1100, randY))); } } for (int i = 0; i < enemies.Count; i++) { if (!enemies[i].isVisible) { enemies.RemoveAt(i); i--; } } } "enemies.Add(new EnemySpawn(Content.Load("Graphics/Sprites/enemy"), new Vector2(1100, randY)));" The part there it says Content.Load is where it comes up in red and displays "The name content does not exist in current context" Help! Regards, Tim
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