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  1. PixUnit

    Our Little Project

      New Implementations. Lunar moth, firefly, mosquitoes. The night time section is making swift progress.    Comments and opinions matter, tell us what you think.    [twitter]BusyBeePixUnit[/twitter]  Facebook
  2. PixUnit

    Our Little Project

    Newly made progress on the night time playing. Here it is. Also the new menu look, redesign residing until its perfect.        Chose which environment you want to play, do you prefer coins or bags, light or night.    Follow us on Twitter Facebook
  3. PixUnit

    Our Little Project

    Newly implemented critters, you have to watch out for them but also collect the new green emerald. Also the bee now moves and leans where you direct it.      Follow us on Twitter Facebook
  4. PixUnit

    Our Little Project

    Some updates on the progress.   This is why the redesign was done, to make it more friendly and awesome.      The game-play.      Also writing the story behind the coins and behind our bee character. Check it out.        Follow us on Twitter Facebook 
  5. Twit pic on the newly implemented soft shadows and dynamic lighting, looks pretty awesome #project #design #game #yes http://t.co/eeCQ5jAujJ
  6. PixUnit

    Our Little Project

    Added dynamic lighting and soft shadows, the game is livening up.  Now with these elements it looks even more realistic and friendly and fluffy.   
  7. Wowdy wow :) Dynamic lights and soft shadows are implemented now... Looks so fluffy when insects and pick-ups... http://t.co/pCeWVHIGO3
  8. Game-play twitter pic. Enjoy my friends http://t.co/n4dWYYalT3
  9. PixUnit

    Our Little Project

    Updates on the game-play progress, it really looks amazing, no jokes. The friendliness and awesomeness is too high! Collect fragments of diamonds to unlock them and get more points. There will be various diamonds, each give more but are harder to assemble for acquirement.  
  10. Enough work for today, going to bed, a job well done. The game is being done my friends. #project #work #sleep #jobwelldone #malojepoznato
  11. New effect: bubble burst, point pop up and a diamond ready for collection. #project #game #indie #play http://t.co/m6SNC3tdEN
  12. PixUnit

    Our Little Project

    We added a bubble burst effect, point pop and a diamond ready for collection. Give us some feedback on our progress.   
  13. Special thanks to @GamerSpy1 for posting our project. Thank you . #news #indie #project #game
  14. Things are looking good for the team. Being Busy is Being Happy, listen to our little characters advice. #project #pixunit #busy #work #game
  15. Working through the night again, work to be done, problems to be solved. Making swift progress on the game play #project #game #indie #night
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