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  1. I don't really have a long term goal right now. I want to get into QA and do the best that I can within that position. I don't want employers to think that I view the position as a stepping stone to becoming a designer, and I sincerely don't. I'm at a point in my life where I want to explore some different paths and try to find whats right for me because I just spent 2 years studying finance at college more or less because it felt like what I was "supposed" to do after high school, and I don't want to make that mistake again.   My goal is to get a QA job right now. Do the best I possibly can to fulfill my duties as a QA tester, and go from there. I want to get a feeling for whether or not I would enjoy a career in the video game industry. Would it be cool to be a designer? Probably, but I don't have my mind set on anything right now. Based on who I think I am and what I think my strengths are I would say that I'm best suited to be a producer or programmer. I don't have any schooling in programming but I did a lot of HTML in a few web design classes in high school and I was very good at it, fast at it, and enjoyed it so I can see myself being a good programmer but obviously that would require i get schooling which is another thing that I'm open to and would like to explore ideally as I work a QA job.   Long story short I don't really know what to expect and frankly at this point I feel that I probably won't get a QA job at all. My resume is mediocre, I've worked 2 jobs in restaurant business, i had a 3.2 GPA at college, and I have decent extra curriculars. On the negative side I dropped out of college which probably leads employers to label me a quitter. I have no degree. I have no experience in the video game industry, and I live in New Hampshire (obviously not local). Really the only thing I feel that I have going for me is my experience as a really good gamer and my experience testing games (lots of beta testing experience and I alpha tested a recent AAA mmo and gave a lot of feedback on balancing directly to devs) but realistically I don't feel like that is going to offset the shortcomings on my application. I might be able to use a few low level connections at a couple of companies so that seems like my only real shot at this point... Kinda feeling down about the whole situation.
  2. Alright so it sounds like I'm going to have to head out there before even applying. What happens if you don't get a job? I mean there are only so many companies in each region. I guess if I just go to Southern California I'll be able to move around a bit more easily but it all sounds like a very risky and difficult process to me if that is really the case. Can anyone else give me any advice here? Has anyone gone through this kind of thing themselves?
  3.  So I'm about to start applying for QA jobs with the intention of moving to wherever I can find a job. I'm pretty open in that regard but a couple of things occurred to me that I was hoping you guys would be able to help me out with.   Firstly, how do developers view an application from someone who is applying from out of the area but is planning to move? I was told that in my cover letter or some piece of my application I should specify that I am already planning to move to X city regardless of whether or not I get the job. This was all fine until the second issue occurred to me... The interview... I can't say I'm already moving to a city if it means that I'm going to ask to schedule an interview the week that I supposedly get there thus leaving me moved to a city where I don't necessarily even have a job... Not the situation I want to be in...   But beyond that, how can an applicant in my position possibly be available for an interview assuming that virtually all companies would want to have one before they hire. I live on the east coast and its obviously just not feasible for me to drive to the west coast for an interview... I need a sure thing before it makes sense to make the trip.   Not sure if there is really an answer here but I was hoping someone could give me some advice. I know there are companies on the east coast and I am applying to several but it seems like at least 80% of the larger developers are on the west coast and frankly I'd prefer to move there anyway.    
  4. Shake92

    Thoughts on Splitting Up the RTS...

    This sounds kind of similar to a browser based MMORTS like travian and the million others that are out there but maybe in a real time/non browser based form?   If the city building side isn't influenced by combat how do you win? What happens when you win the battle that your squad gets sent to? What is the "end game" of it all? Is this all going to be multiplayer or singleplayer against AI? Is your city going to be persistent like an MMO, something that will be built up over extended periods of time, or will the game function like a traditional RTS with new matches beginning and ending in each play session?   Not trying to criticize your idea, it sounds cool, but it would help to answer those questions I think so we can get a better idea of what the concept is.
  5. Thanks, I know QA and competitive gaming are entirely different things. From the perspective of a developer I can imagine that having testers who are good at the game they're testing would be a valuable asset, but I have no idea how people in HR would view putting things like gaming experience on a resume.   Thanks for the insight.
  6. Hi. I'm going to be applying for QA positions in the next few weeks so I've been working on a resume and cover letter. I have a pretty extensive background playing games competitively and I was wondering if this would be something I should include in my resume or if I should leave it out. Would that be of any benefit to me to include or would it be considered irrelevant or make me seem arrogant?   Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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