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  1. Cheetah Texture Packer is a texture packing tool that allows you to easily place all sprites on one power-of-two texture. It uses very effective and powerful packing algorithm (MaxRects with heuristics). This is beta, so some bugs may appear. Useful tool for game developers, it may also be useful for web developers to pack CSS sprites. This is OpenSource software licensed under the LGPL. Supports Windows, Linux and Mac platforms. Website (github project): https://github.com/scriptum/Cheetah-Texture-Packer HowTo When you run the program, you will see window splitted on three parts: prewiew area, image list and properties/export area. First you should add some images. Just drag and drop images and directories to the program or use "add" button and add directory: packer automatically scans the directory and adds all images from it. Next, set up packing properties (border size, packing heuristic and so on), use "Update" button to preview your changes. To export texture atlas specify its name and directory where save to. I recommend to use PNG format. You may also use this tool in command-line: ./packer [-s size] [-o outfile] [--disable-merge] [--disable-crop] [--disable-border] [--enable-rotate] [file|directory ...]For example: ./packer -s 1024 -o myAtlas --enable-rotate images other-images/* image-5.png./packer -s 1024x512 -o /home/user/myAtlas imagesScreenshot: Downloads: Linux x86_64 Qt 4.8 Linux x86 Qt 4.6 MacOS X - need volunteers to update! Windows Virus checked