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    What to do first? Making web-based game

    Why Choose a Web Based Game? I Want To Creating Games That Do not Need To Install & Download. Because it takes a long time.   Why Choose Gamedev.net To ask? I think Gamedev.net active forum members because I choose gamedev.net. Already I Find how to make a web based browser game with google and other search engines, but alas, to no avail   What should I do to create a web-based game?  
  2. Artis Papanatas Berkata

    What to do first? Making web-based game

    Specifications game I expected: - ADVENTURE game ever powered by mission - Supports the Chrome browser, Mozilla, etc. - Have Features CLAN, Friends, Rank, Battle PvP, Etc. - With Easy Updates Game Or Weapon, Item, Etc. - Has Multi Server What language should I use? is there any other applications or platforms to support the making of the game?
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