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  1. windows 8 sdk and directx basic setup

    Some please make a tutorial. I am also looking for one. Although, everything is same upto initializing D3D, devices, swapchain, target,etc; existing tutorials cannot be used starting from lesson on how to draw a triangle. I find MSDN tutorials difficult to grasp (I am a newbie to DX).
  2. One big problem is how to set up DirectX on visual studio. It is different now. Code samples from existing tutorials cannot be used (compile errors). No tutorial tells what changes to make, where are the changes, what to include more-what not to include etc...i.e. how to get things running! :(
  3. Hi. I am looking for tutorials on developing DirectX 11.0 desktop games using the new DirectX SDK (which is part of the new Windows SDK 8.0). Most tutorials I found ask about downloading the June 2010 DX SDK. I have Visual Studio 2012 ultimate installed on Windows 8 Pro. I am a newbie to DX. Please suggest some non-MSDN beginner tutorials and/or a good book.
  4. Useful links

    Can somebody post links to tutorials teaching directX 11.0 desktop games using visual studio 2012. I am a total newbie to DX.