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  1. The first steps

    Thanks guys, I'm checking out Construct 2 right now
  2. The first steps

    Thank you for taking the time to answer my question(s) and I apologize for my noobishness.   I am currently going to a local college for graphic design and I am getting better with vector and raster art, but that's about it. I do want to create games, but I had a really bad experience learning math in high school and that has sort of crippled me in college. Right now I am creating about 200-300 images (about 2.5 inches x 3.8) that I plan on using in my game. The game is a spinoff of yu-gi-oh but using champions from League of Legends.   The problem is all I have are pictures of cards, but no game. What software will I need to make a game similar to solitare but with a more advanced engine capable of calculating damage etc.. Also I may want to allow people to battle eachother so I may need a server + database as well.. thanks in advance guys!