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    Gamers needed for survey! Prize draw & instant feedback!

    Work strain level...LOW.  Good stuff 
  2. BadgertonStudios

    NWN Client Download

    Hello sir,   I do not want to obtain a pirated version.  I would like to know if I can find the actual client for download without having to pay (Because I already bought the game and have a access code just no download disc)  if not I will probably just fork up the 10 dollars and buy all the NWN games.     I understand posting about brothersoft made me look like a pirate.  I did buy the game in 2006 and have everything except the 2nd download disc unfortunately.  I have no idea where it went. I have the first and the Play disc.     EDIT: Just to make this clear for everyone, Guild Wars offers a download client and I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a NWN one.  I cannot find one so I guess there isn't but just in case :)  You never know until you ask right?   Thank you
  3. BadgertonStudios

    NWN Client Download

    Hey Gamedev,   I was recently cleaning out my basement when I came across a box of old games.  Some included Guild Wars, some old virtual cop game and alot of games I never really started playing.  One of them, Neverwinter Nights was among them and I have everything BUT the 2nd download disc as I seem to have misplaced it.  I did a search an can't find the client anywhere (that I don't have to pay for) so if anyone knows of a way for me to download it without the second disc any help would be appreciated   I am really intrested in the customizable part of the game.   Thanks in advance     EDIT: Has anyone had any experience with the site Brothersoft? should I use it? Any better sites?  Thanks :)
  4. BadgertonStudios

    Religons in games

    The guild leaders will have the option to affiliate themselves with religion if they want to.  The religious leaders have a HUGE impact on the story.  What will that be? We shall see ;)  As for the control structure, the countries will have kings and such and religions will have Head priests and such but a religious leader wont lead a nation.
  5. BadgertonStudios

    Religons in games

    Yes Kenji you are close.  There will be faction wars against other factions but there will be teams or guild like systems that one can join on top of the religion.  The game is planned to be a CORPG with lobbies for characters to interact and such.  But this is a long way down the road :)
  6. BadgertonStudios

    Religons in games

    I would like to thank you all for answering and thank Rattenhirn for the links.   Upon reading my prior post I realize I did not explain it to well.  What I meant was using the Ideologies of these religions in the game.  So Islam would not be called Islam, but a person familiar with the religion would have no doubt it is based on Islam.  We have multiple people who practice these religions on the team as well as contacts such as religious historians and scholars/judges.  We do not plan to be racist and favor any of these religions,  but they will each have there own perks in different areas.   For example,  if you are in the eastern part of the game world and you don't follow or practice the religion in that part of the world, items from merchant shops will have a heftier tax yet in the part of the world where the religion you follow is dominant you basically can get these items for "cost" price.  It will also be a key part of developing land and armies.  You can only have certain amount of your troops in certain areas. i.e.  unlimited in the christian parts of the world and only 1% in the Islamic or Jewish parts of the world (unless an alliance has been made)   And no you will NOT have to go through the acts of worship or anything.  You may go to religious places to ask a priest for a boon for a sum of money but that's about it.   If you guys need any more details or anything just let me know.  We plan to put the game plot and such on here but this would not be the correct thread to post it.   EDIT: I should also add that each religion will take you in to a different path of the game, as well as open quests and missions and places that only people of a certain religion can access.  Each religion plays an important role in the game plot and none are a negative role.     Thanks guys
  7. BadgertonStudios

    Religons in games

    Hey GameDev, My co workers/friends and I have been working on a game concept for a little while now. It is a strategy/rpg/construction and management game. We have lots of ideas, both great and not so great. One idea we have is introducing religion to the game. Religion would play a huge political and economical role in the game. Alliances can be forged or broken due to the religion your character may follow. It can play a role in what items and services you have access to in certain parts of the game world.  We were going to use the ideologies of the 3 main religions (to us anyways) in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Is this a good idea? would we be hunted down for using actual religions in a game? Thoughts anyone? Cheers
  8. BadgertonStudios

    Billionaires vs Millionaires

    So the NHL's lockout is over.  What do you all think about it?  I personally wouldn't even buy NHL13 it had me so mad lol.  But now that it is back I don't really want to boycott it.   Just thought I'd like to hear the GameDev communities thoughts on it!
  9. BadgertonStudios

    Video Game Schooling dilemma

    First I would like to apologize for not posting in the right forum, aswell as not reading the faqs before posting.  Mr. Sloper, I'm in awe at your knowledge and experiance.    Thank you Valles for your time and for the answer :)   An ACD or advanced college diploma is similiar to what a American would call and Associates Degree.  These colleges are not typical community colleges.  The best way to describe Conestoga or Centennial is a cross between uni and college as they also grant accredited bachelors degrees.   I learned alot through the FAQs thanks alot guys!!   I have decided to sign a letter of intent with Conestoga College wish me luck :D
  10. BadgertonStudios

    Video Game Schooling dilemma

    Hey guys,   I joined this forum because I have a dilemma,  I have a choice between 2 colleges, both for Software Engineering.  One is just your basic software engineering program, the other is with an emphasis on interactive gaming.     My dilemma lies here,  The First college Conestoga is only 10 minutes from my home whereas the one with interactive gaming, Centennial College is in toronto, about an hour and 15 minutes from my house (and living in toronto is waaay to expensive)   Conestoga offers 6 semesters, 30 courses and Centennial has 37 courses in 9 semesters including 2 paid work terms.  The diffrences in courses are; web game programming, Introduction to Game and Simulation,  Game Programming 1,  Java EE Programming,  Advanced Graphics,  Practical Game Design,  Game Programming 2 plus all the courses conestoga offers aswell as 2 work terms (experiance and cash is good right?).   So is it worth the extra time to travel there?  After I finish whatever program I will also be going to York uni for a year to upgrade my Advanced Diploma (Associates Degree) to a bachelors degree.   ideas or thoughts anyones? Thanks :)
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