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  1. conquestor3

    Comfortably Programming.

    Get a good chair, and try to walk for at least 15 minutes on your break
  2. conquestor3

    Help me find this game?

    I was thinking of death rally. I know there was a similar game that was isometric, but Ii'm not sure if it had a snow level.
  3. conquestor3

    Help me find this game?

    I know this, but need to be home to look it up. Did it have weapons you'd pick up during the race like machine guns and oil slicks?
  4. conquestor3

    What’s the future of internet?

    It'll be broken up by region as different countries enforce different rules.
  5. conquestor3

    RTS design techniques?

    For design, you should play a few hundred games of forged alliance forever (a mod for supreme commander: forged alliance). At any point in the midgame there's hundreds of viable strategies, and based on conditions you try to wittle down your enemies options until you can land a killing blow. I've played just about every rts released and many prototypes, and haven't found anything similar in depth of strategy.
  6. conquestor3

    On Politics Threads and the Community

    As someone who posts from a pro Trump viewpoint, which is in the minority among the moderation as well as userbase, I think overall the moderation team does a fantastic job in allowing speech from both sides, so worrying about over moderation isn't something that's really valid as of now. I don't think the moderation team closed the thread because there were more pro-trump posters, I think it was clear that it was pretty much done running it's course. The following thread that was opened was clearly a circumvention of that valid closure, so locking it was warranted as well. For the reputation system, while it's true some members seem to use it as a punishment mechanism to keep you from expressing your opinion, more moderate members in the community tend to correct the ratings to be neutral when they see it happening, and even then they're just virtual points, so whether it's removed or not in the lounge doesn't matter much. Posted from a phone, Swype sucks on here, so some words may be wrong
  7. conquestor3

    How much longer can Trump/Trumpism last?

    Which claims have turned out to be true? The piss tapes? The mi6 agent? The obstruction case for mccabe? The omorossa n word tape? The list goes on and on. Just because the left conveniently forgets the failed issues doesn't mean America as a whole does. Again, I'm not even a core Trump supporter. I'm very socially liberal, while Trump projects a conservative image.... Granted that image is a lie and why we don't have an extreme right wing Justice replacing Kennedy (like gorsuch for example). My previous theories have been proven correct, really. Trump lies to his opponents, to his base, to other works leaders, but his policies are moderate. Weird there's so much cognitive dissonance to where Oriole can't see that. The border issues have been ongoing since Clinton, Trump finally fixed them, and now he's the bad guy? I'm familiar with the polls, but Republicans have done great in every special election. Even in Ohio, Democrats had a massive turnout while Republicans had a minor one, and Republicans won from the independent vote. In November when Republicans turn out it's going to be a 58%+ bloodbath in Republicans favor. Democrats are losing their long term encumbants in primaries to people who have a way worse chance in the generals as well.
  8. conquestor3

    How much longer can Trump/Trumpism last?

    Oh boy, it's the yearly gamedev Trump thread I'm happy that Trump's performing about as expected, economy is doing great and I made a good decision buying into the market pretty big. Pretty much nothing thrown at him has stuck, or turned out to be a lie. How many times was he supposed to be impeached now? as for the nyt article.... Why would anyone submit an article like that when the nsa can get into every computer? It claims they stole documents off of Trump's desk.... In one if the must secure rooms in the world, with cameras everywhere.... I don't buy it, sounds like fake news or a low level staffer making up lies hoping for a book deal. As someone who called Trump's win way back from when he first started doing weekly rallies (and I was supporting Rand Paul), I think with this economy and low trust in media, Republicans are going to crush Democrats in 2018. Trump can only last another term, but his strategic decisions have shown you don't actually have to confirm to political conventions, so "trumpism" is probably going to be the new paradigm for both the left and right.
  9. Shadow bans are used to keep things advertiser friendly. If all you do on reddit is post links to your games, advertisers can't monetize it because they're implicitly endorsing your product. Same thing with twitter etc.
  10. conquestor3

    Best Player Names

    xWEEDDOG420x in face of mankind. AFlyingPenis in space cowboy online (Rebranded to Ace online/Air rivals). The Gm's renamed him to "AFlyingGenis"
  11. That would be horrifying if an AGI came up with an economic system that works for us, be we couldn't understand. There's another possibility that has a good chance of occuring 4. Massive automation hits, nations look to "owning" a company's headquarters as a very important objective. In this case countries will compete to retain companies that are native to them, and acquire companies for taxable income. It's possible nations may simply not allow companies to exfiltrate (Through legal proceedings) to other (cheaper countries). In the long run, companies will bribe judges to be allowed to leave and operate out of third world tax havens, and in response governments will probably give heavy subsidies to homegrown businesses to complete, or even flat out declare huge (60%+) import tariffs on foreign companies. Society wise I guess that pushes nationalism/patriotism/isolationism?
  12. conquestor3

    Why A.I is impossible

    Well, it would have to be implemented in a way that gives a decent quality of life in a situation where there's massive unemployment, right? Add in the fact that health insurance in the USA is prohibitively expensive when not employed (My wife has an ER bill for $30,000+ I've been refusing to pay for years now), Adjust it for inflation for a decade, and assume it's for the "typical" household of 2 adults 2 children (replacement rate, basically), and $40k~ is way closer to it. If there was mass unemployment and only $24k~ guaranteed income, there would be mass riots/revolution. This is also speculative to the future, population will be higher if/when it's actually implemented, so there's even greater costs than with the 323 million people estimate. Currently you could knock off around 40m~ people from that estimate for underage/illegal immigrants.
  13. conquestor3

    Why A.I is impossible

    The 2 are related though, an intelligent AI would be able to be applied to solve automation pretty quickly. A smart enough AI would be able to immediately automate intellectual jobs as well. It's basic math. Assuming NO operating overheads 323 million people in the USA getting just above the poverty line per year would cost over $13 trillion. The current GDP is $18.5 Trillion. Companies would rapidly flee the USA to reduce costs (They even do it to save a couple % in taxes currently), reducing that number further. I'm not so sure about this one... What happens when India says "Companies based around automation will only pay 0.5% tax in our country!"? Obviously it would make more sense to relocate there, and then export from India.
  14. conquestor3

    Why A.I is impossible

    In the long term that happens with every job when a real AI is introduced into the mix. In the next decade (Maybe 2-3 with adoption rates) I'm curious to see how our government handles the loss of trucking/taxi/delivery/manufacturing jobs. One thing would have to be taxing productivity instead of labor, but then won't every company relocate offshore? Crazy import tariffs? Universal basic income is way too expensive, retraining would be pointless.
  15. conquestor3

    When YouTube echo rings in your ears

    Yeah, channel formats change over time. I used to be subbed to a guy that makes kazoo remixes of metal gear games, and then he started making his own mediocre music.
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