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  1. Shadow bans are used to keep things advertiser friendly. If all you do on reddit is post links to your games, advertisers can't monetize it because they're implicitly endorsing your product. Same thing with twitter etc.
  2. conquestor3

    Best Player Names

    xWEEDDOG420x in face of mankind. AFlyingPenis in space cowboy online (Rebranded to Ace online/Air rivals). The Gm's renamed him to "AFlyingGenis"
  3. That would be horrifying if an AGI came up with an economic system that works for us, be we couldn't understand. There's another possibility that has a good chance of occuring 4. Massive automation hits, nations look to "owning" a company's headquarters as a very important objective. In this case countries will compete to retain companies that are native to them, and acquire companies for taxable income. It's possible nations may simply not allow companies to exfiltrate (Through legal proceedings) to other (cheaper countries). In the long run, companies will bribe judges to be allowed to leave and operate out of third world tax havens, and in response governments will probably give heavy subsidies to homegrown businesses to complete, or even flat out declare huge (60%+) import tariffs on foreign companies. Society wise I guess that pushes nationalism/patriotism/isolationism?
  4. conquestor3

    Why A.I is impossible

    Well, it would have to be implemented in a way that gives a decent quality of life in a situation where there's massive unemployment, right? Add in the fact that health insurance in the USA is prohibitively expensive when not employed (My wife has an ER bill for $30,000+ I've been refusing to pay for years now), Adjust it for inflation for a decade, and assume it's for the "typical" household of 2 adults 2 children (replacement rate, basically), and $40k~ is way closer to it. If there was mass unemployment and only $24k~ guaranteed income, there would be mass riots/revolution. This is also speculative to the future, population will be higher if/when it's actually implemented, so there's even greater costs than with the 323 million people estimate. Currently you could knock off around 40m~ people from that estimate for underage/illegal immigrants.
  5. conquestor3

    Why A.I is impossible

    The 2 are related though, an intelligent AI would be able to be applied to solve automation pretty quickly. A smart enough AI would be able to immediately automate intellectual jobs as well. It's basic math. Assuming NO operating overheads 323 million people in the USA getting just above the poverty line per year would cost over $13 trillion. The current GDP is $18.5 Trillion. Companies would rapidly flee the USA to reduce costs (They even do it to save a couple % in taxes currently), reducing that number further. I'm not so sure about this one... What happens when India says "Companies based around automation will only pay 0.5% tax in our country!"? Obviously it would make more sense to relocate there, and then export from India.
  6. conquestor3

    Why A.I is impossible

    In the long term that happens with every job when a real AI is introduced into the mix. In the next decade (Maybe 2-3 with adoption rates) I'm curious to see how our government handles the loss of trucking/taxi/delivery/manufacturing jobs. One thing would have to be taxing productivity instead of labor, but then won't every company relocate offshore? Crazy import tariffs? Universal basic income is way too expensive, retraining would be pointless.
  7. conquestor3

    When YouTube echo rings in your ears

    Yeah, channel formats change over time. I used to be subbed to a guy that makes kazoo remixes of metal gear games, and then he started making his own mediocre music.
  8. None of these constrains will ever happen because hobbyists will be able to design AI however they want. Asimov's rules aren't actually rules, they just exist as a lynchpin for the stories he wrote. We already have AI that can identify targets/aim/kill without any human input https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samsung_SGR-A1 Once Ai becomes well developed enough/goes mainstream people will use it as they wish.
  9. conquestor3

    Seeking True Economic Games

    The X series. Most notably X3:Terran conflict. Although parts of the economy are faked (namely consumption of military goods), monopolizing the economy, then expanding it by creating new demand is the name of the game when it comes to getting stronger. It also has a stock market with bare bones simulation.
  10. conquestor3

    What is your Game of the Year for 2017 and why?

    Dominions 5 or dungeons 3. Both are fantastic strategy games.
  11. conquestor3

    The future of VR Gaming and if Nerve Gear was real

    With that technology gaming is pretty much outdated as you'll be abke to have programs that just trigger your dopamine receptors directly. No feeling of accomplishment required
  12. conquestor3

    I'm looking to buy.........

    Second to these backup suggestions. A long time ago when bitcoin was coming out, I thought it was neat and did cointap every day/had my computer mining pretty much all the time. I lost that bitcoin wallet file in a hard drive crash, but if I had just saved a backup of the damn thing, it'd be worth several hundred million dollars now.
  13. conquestor3

    Tell me your success story.

    Frankly, if you're going to try to transition careers into a solo mobile dev, it's really not worth it at this time. You'll be much better off applying for better jobs.
  14. conquestor3

    At what time do you sleep and wake up?

    I go to bed by 9:30PM, get up at 6:00AM, excercise for 1 hour, and am showered/out the door by 7:30AM, get to work at 8:00AM, get home at 7:00PM. Looking forward to retiring so much, since I've been burned out of work for a while now.
  15. Basically don't try to make the game fun for the computer, try to make it fun for the player. At least part of the joy of playing an RPG (at least for me) is wondering what the enemies going to do, and see'ing whether or not I get screwed over. If the AI is smart enough to always pick the best choice, they feel pointless and I wish I could autoplay the game at 100X the normal speed since I already know what's going to happen.
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