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  1. Hello to start off my name is Brandon i'm 18 and I want to become a Game Maker I guess you can say.   I thought of an Idea about a Game when I was about 13 and added new Ideas for it over the Years. A couple of months ago I started to learn Lua and now I am starting to learn C++ and i'm planning  on to go to College to make this a Career cause I have been Gaming my whole life why not make it a Career Lol.   Rite down to business ...   I thought about this alot and want to make it for PC + Xbox if possible.   Game Features 3D FPS Military/Zombies Big World Co-op  Interaction Custom Terrain   I don't know if I can put everything I want in to my Game, I guess you can say DayZ and Far Cry 3  is the closest thing to my game but still not quite.   I have no clue on how to make my Game or where to start so that's why i'm Posting here to see if someone could shed some light on where I should start so I can make my Dream come true.