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  1.  We got it working! YEAHHH! Thanks everyone!
  2. Collision works now, but when the player is standing on a tile and lets say a tile is on his right and he is touching it. He cant jump up.
  3. Check each axis of the two rectangles to see if either overlap. If so, separate by either the minimum axis of overlap or by some heuristic based on the direction of travel. This is pretty simple, what exactly are you having trouble with detecting and resolving axis-aligned rectangles?     We got the rectangles working now its just making the player stay on top of the block. I currently have it reset the Y position of the player to a constant part of the map but how can I get it so the players position will be set to the top of the block?
  4. Well i know that :p But what is the best method to use to do this?
  5. I am trying to think of what the best way for collision in my platform game should be. My friend and I cant really decide on how to approach it as well. Any ideas?
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