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  1. Quick and no doubt often repeated question...

      You may have a point, I hadn't really looked at XNA (somehow I was convinced it was XBOX onle...).   Thanks for that.
  2. Quick and no doubt often repeated question...

      I disliked Java primarily because of how it was introduced to me as a student, and subsequent experiences with Java interfaces... :D Perhaps unfair but still.. My coding skills were never fantastic, and have been eroded through time and lack of use. I understand C++ might be a little bit of a strain to try and pick up after all this time but I don't know, thats for sure. It was more for the sake of not reinventing the wheel with regards to the libraries that something like SDL gives.     I noticed that but I think a secondary reason behind all this is to get a little foundation in programming in general, as in anyones career.. you never know.   Thanks for the advice, I spent a quiet afternoon in work doing a bit more background research and there seems to be oodles of resources and help online regardless of language/platform which is massively reassuring!
  3. I am rekindling my interest in game development. I used to knock up little games on my Amiga in Amos and Blitz Basic, but never really got any of my 'projects' finished. It's now an aim to finish one of these, to a degree that I am satisfied with. There's no plan to make an MMO, or make money etc. Purely for my own development/enjoyment and that of others if they so desire.   Anyway, I'm going to gen up on programming with C# (figured it was probably the best to use, have coded basic stuff in C before, never liked Java). My question is do I need a 3rd party add on to help with all the 'game' related parts like graphics etc. I'm only interested in 2d stuff, have a few minor learning projects I want to get done. The usual stuff like pong, breakout, tetris etc. Medium/long term I'd like to do an rpg type adventure game, single player top down basic stuff, but a good framework to build on. SDL seems a good bet but a search on these forums and others suggest a mixed response to similar questions.....   Any advice much appreciated.