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  1. Project Tongue: Need Opinions/Advice!

    I want to thank you both for replying. I read the replies through e-mail but haven't been back here since.   Do you or anyone else have any recommendations for a web host?
  2. I'm not sure how to write this post so forgive me if it's difficult to read.   A few years ago I did this assignment for a game design class of mine. It was a real simple platforming game. It was inspired by one of my favorite games of the SNES, Zombies Ate My Neighbors. I've long since lost that game and anything associated with it but lately I've gotten this desire, an obsession almost, to create a new Zombies Ate My Neighbors. The spiritual successor if you will. I come here today to ask for some opinions/advice on the topic of doing so.   Let's call it Project Tongue for now, I haven't decided on a name for the game yet. I want to keep the game play similar to ZAMN and even expand upon it. I will not be using any assets from the game but rather a similar style. You would know it was based upon ZAMN. Is there anything I should know about the laws so that I don't open myself up for problems down the line?   I want to start a site to chronicle my endeavors and provide an area where people can help me test/come up with new ideas. I know little to nothing about web hosting and what I should look for. Ideally it'd be a blog, a download to test the game, and some forums. My budget is little to nonexistent right now so I'd like to keep costs low but have the ability to scale upwards if I generate some interest. Eventually maybe even adding a multiplayer component. Any links I could check out or hosts you recommend?   With crowd funding becoming more popular, of course I've thought about starting a campaign. The thing is, this is a learning experience for me. It would be nice not to have to work full-time and be able to work on the game instead. I just don't want to take people's money and not be able to deliver a product. Is there a way to gauge interest for my idea without going through Kickstarter or anything similar?   There are more questions but I'm having trouble composing my thoughts further so we'll leave it at that for now. Thank you for your time.