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  1.     What would I need to know before learning unity though?
  2. Hello everyone! I have just learned the basics of C# (classes, structs, inheritance, looping, branching, delegates, enumerations, polymorphism etc.) I want to learn how to create a 3d web browser game using C#, but i'm a little confused as to where to start. For example, I've done some searching online for which game engines or framework I would need to accomplish this, but only to find out that mathematics and physics would be needed in order to understand vectors, collision detection and so on...   My question to you guys is, what would be the proper road to take in reaching this goal of creating a 3d web browser multiplayer game.   An example could be;   Learn linear algebra > physics > SilverLight > Xna .   Please just explain to me a little on why the course you choose would be the best for me.
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