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  1. Need suggestions for a 2D game engine.

    I want to add multiplayer to my game using TCP/IP. I have little to no knowledge on how to create a server/client, make the server bind to a port and public ip, make the client connect that public ip, make the server listen for connections, and lastly have objects sent through the server to all clients. If anybody have any suggestions to any of these, please fill me in.
  2. Need suggestions for a 2D game engine.

    Thanks for the reply. I'll do more research on pathfinding since I will need to add a system that handles free-roaming monsters.
  3. Need suggestions for a 2D game engine.

    Thanks for the reply. For some time I've been thinking about a rpg game. I took consideration in basing the engine around that game idea. I have collision detection and player movement coded in. I haven't added sound support, map creation/loading, and path finding. Can you explain the importance of path finding?
  4. I'm building a 2D rpg game engine from scratch using Allegro Game Library as the core. After 3 days of coding, I manage to get working camera, and a organized way to keep track of objects in the world. The camera draws the screen depending on the player's x and y coordinate. I need some suggestions on what else I should add. Thanks for reading.
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