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  1. Hey guys and gals, I made most of my game assets in Blender and and Gimp but lately I've been making tutorials on Blender, Inkscape, and Gimp because I love them with a man's love. Although my primary focus is on Blender I like to tech chain between the 3 software titles when I can. If you peruse my videos and desire some tutorial or example I haven't yet made, let me know and if it interests me, I might do a video on it. How to Make an Animated Gif From Blender to Gimp Import Inkscape SVG to Blender 3D Foliage From Photos
  2. latch

    BIG3:Blender Inkscape Gimp

    I'm working on an animation nodes bubble curtain for a fishtank- should be done in a day or so..
  3. latch

    BIG3:Blender Inkscape Gimp

    You're welcome!
  4. latch

    BIG3:Blender Inkscape Gimp

    Whoops- sorry!
  5. latch

    BIG3:Blender Inkscape Gimp

    Good- I glad that might help!
  6. latch

    BIG3:Blender Inkscape Gimp

    In terms of game design, the two involving animation could be used to cut scenes or intros while the dome city one can help familiarize you with Blender and Inkscape. Although primitive 3d(1990's style) is my preference for game assets, Inkscape can be used for character design or stylized backgrounds with parallax effect- I should do a tutorial on that!
  7. latch

    BIG3:Blender Inkscape Gimp

    Whoops- looks like I pasted the 'edit' link- thanks!
  8. latch

    Does our icon suck? - brutal honesty required

    Phones are getting bigger..
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