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  1. 4620039625

    Game Programming Online Courses

    Oh, well, I've been studying on my own for a while, reading books and articles, watching YouTube playlists, etc. I think taking a course would make me commit more and be more responsible about it, maybe motivate me a bit more, if you know what I mean.
  2. 4620039625

    Game Programming Online Courses

      Why don't you wait until college (which has to be your top priority while you're in college) is not keeping you busy?    I can handle both, but one of them must be flexible. College isn't, so I need the course to be, if there's such thing. That's a good question though, but I don't really wanna get into that, if you don't mind.
  3. Hey guys!   I've been thinking about enrolling in a game programming course, but college's been keeping me pretty busy, so I need something really flexible, like an online course. I'd like to know if anyone has any suggestions and/or reviews based on personal experiences. I've seen a lot of C++/3D courses, but I'm not a big fan of C++, to be honest, and I'm way more into 2D, lol.   Oh, and of course, I'd love it to be free, haha, but I'd be willing to pay, depending on the amount.   Thanks in advance, and have a nice one!
  4. 4620039625

    Blender/Python books and tutorials

    Thanks for the replies!   You see, I have a book on Blender 3D, and I've been studying Python for some time. However, I have no material on game development using the Blender game engine and the Python programming language, together
  5. Hello everyone.   I was wondering if anyone could recommend me some quality material on Python and Blender game development. Books, sites, tutorials, videos, everything's welcome.   Thanks in advance!
  6. 4620039625

    Not sure where to start

    Thanks for the replies, guys!     I've already studied the theoretical part of games, but I agree with you, it's very useful!     Sounds like fun, I think I'll give it a try
  7. 4620039625

    Not sure where to start

      Thanks for the fast reply!  I appreciate your suggestion, but I think that's a bit too specific. That's one engine for one language in particular, which is pretty much what I've been doing so far. I need a different point of view, a new way of approaching things..
  8. 4620039625

    Not sure where to start

    Hello there.   I'm a beginner when it comes to game programming. I'm not new to programming, I've studied a lot of languages, from C to Haskell, but my attempts on game programming weren't exactly successful. I just get a library, study it, and then.. I'm not sure what to do with it. I mean, I could start some random projects, try remaking some of the existing famous games, like Tetris or Pong, but it sounds kinda boring to me, and I haven't thought of anything new that's interesting enough to start working on. Maybe I should join an existing project? I'd get some guidance and practice the game aspect of programming.   Anyway, I just thought someone more experienced could help me out. I'm just tired of waking up wanting to start something cool, but not really knowing how to.   Thanks in advance.
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