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  1. The amount you charge won't alter how your clients feel about the frequency with which they pay you. The two aren't the same thing. You can charge by the hour or by the week but if you bill monthly there is no difference to the client.
  2. Obscure

    example non disclosure agreement

    There doesn't actually appear to be a question in the quote you posted so not really sure what you want beyond a suggestion to Google "example non-disclosure agreement" and read one of the hundreds of samples. If you have a specific question then obviously please do post again.
  3. It doesn't matter how you sell them. If you make money you need to act in accordance with your country's tax and business laws. If I wanted to make a splash screen show up when running the game, could I use my company name and logo/image and under that, put a copyright disclaimer like "© 2012 Mr. G. HMP"? [/quote] Yes, provided that name is not already being used as a trademark by another company/person.
  4. Obscure

    I have an idea...

    That would depend entirely on the policy of the company you work for. They may be happy for you to pitch the idea or they may feel it necessary that you get experience developing games first.
  5. Obscure

    Watched Forums Userscript

    Doesn't work for me since upgrading to FF4
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