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  1. I am 16 years old and would like to know what i need to do in order to be able to create a simple 3D first person shooter game within 2 years such as this one I found on youtube which someone created on the unity game engine:   I have the basic computer skills which an average 16 year old probably has, but I have practically no knowledge of C++ language or any other programming language which I think is required to create a computer game.   I have watched a few youtube videos which helped me learn a couple of things about C++ and game programming. I also downloaded unity and watched a few tutorial videos on youtube and read through a few tutorial web pages explaining how to create a FPS game on unity but they all either required previous knowledge which I didn't have or didn't actually explain why they were doing what they were doing, I want to actually understand what's going on not just follow a list of instructions.   I am not looking for a career in creating games but I would still like to have the basic knowledge which would help me create one.   I understand that this may be an extremely difficult goal to achieve which may take a lot of time to learn but please don't discourage me from trying.    If anyone who is experienced in game programming could recommend the steps I should take in order to achieve my goal that would be great. I have made a list of the information I think I might need below but please feel free to add any other information which you feel might help me. (remember I have no previous knowledge of any programming)   Information: 1) The name of the programming language I will need to learn and anything else i need to learn. 2) Suggest and provide a link to a book that might help me or a place where i can learn/suggest a method of learning. 3) Suggest a free game engine which is easy to use for beginners. 4) Please provide links to any other useful resources which will improve my programming knowledge 5) How long it would take to achieve my goal   Dont forget I'm not fully aware of what information I need so anything you think would be helpful please include!   Before criticizing my goal please read: If you seriously think that my goal is completely unrealistic for me to achieve within two years starting from scratch then please provide information on what I possibly could achieve with two years of programming knowledge starting or tell me how long it would take to achieve my goal. I would be happy if I was only able to create a basic template for a game where a character can move around on a flat surface, looking around with the mouse, moving with wasd and being able to jump. How long would it take to achieve this?   Thankyou!