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  1. Game Console: Nintendo Wii U Game Title: Pokemon Universe Title description: The U in universe is a playy on words promoting the Wii U but also the amount of custom options you have in game  Number of Players: Main Story is 1 No co-op Multiplayer: Server Based 50-75 players on each server My Before i start on my rant i'd like to add that at this point in time i'm only actively looking for other creative positions Art design, Story design, Game Devs, etc. I will start looking for tech positions after we lay down the foundation and i have a good team around me i refuse to let this one die it's too good of a game not to work. The Goal is to put together a comprehensive alpha or in-depth presentation put it to a kickstarter and send the idea to Nintendo.  Game description: Welcome to Pokemon Universe the whole NEW pokemon experience.  Interact in the pokemon world like you have never before IN FULL 3D. It would also include a limited create a character section and possibly the ability to import you mii. A total of six pokemon regions including all 6 generations of pokemon. Art Style/Graphics: They art style would be a flashy cell shaded anime look. Like the current gen naruto & DBZ games. Battles would be buzzing thunderbolts would darken the sky and shocks would disperse through the ground of the effect area.  Energy particles from beam attacks would be vibrant and colorfull. Colors would pop off thescreen. GAMEPLAY: Singleplayer: Walk through the five main regions of the pokemon world. Johto, kanto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova! ("BUT YOU SAID SIX!!!" Yes I will get to that) Pokemon are now visible in the open regions of the pokemon world, pokemon do not run wild in city but one pokemon can follow you through the city if it's in the city size permits.  Pokemon being visible also allows more variety into how you encounter different monsters.  Some pokemon are docile creature so maybe sneaking up on certain pokemon. Baiting others etc. you must learn all of the different methods in order to catch certain pokemon. There is a full day and night cycle. You would also be able to buy clothes at the department store to change your look. Battle System 2.0: This biggest change in pokemon gaming since well pokemon. This system ditches the turn based system that made pokemon so iconic and relevant, This new battling system is now similar looking to the anime with you controlling your pokemon. Controls like a supersmash, DBZ, naruto hybrid, Faster pokemon like pikachu have dash abilities to dodge certain attacks. Pokemon are still limited to four attacks PP is still a factor and there is a certain recharge delay that is different on each. Pokemon are now noticeably different even if they are they same type due to the EVs and IV of each pokemon. One Eevee is faster than another but that one has more strength. choosing this system allow for more exciting, complex, and strategic battles.   Multiplayer: Multiplayer takes place on the Orange Islands this would mark the first time the orange islands has made an appearance in the city. Its tropical environment also provides the perfect setting to separate it from the rest of a game. Multiplayer is server based to test MMO capabilities of future games. Another advantage to the setting is the creative task you must do in order to get some of the badges. Those would be easy to turn in to fun minigames with a leaderboard. Pokemon theme parks also holds multiplayer contest/minigame. You are allowed to surf between islands or take a ferry for fast travel. they're are many pokemon in the area including some exclusive to the gamemode the area also has an increased chance of shinies but not too much where it's not cool. Request to battle other trainer roaming around you, Multiplayer pokemon beauty contest. Pokemon Olympics connects multiplayer  Possible DLC to incorporate the battle tower city from emerald into the game. Music: would be redone by a symphony to give the game a grand adventure feeling. Areas would keep the same musc style from GBC/GBA/DS counterparts. New caribbean cruise style music created for the orange islands. I Think this gives you an overall feel of what a groundbreaking and revolutionary game this could be. If you would like to be apart of this please email @