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  1. After a bit of googleing with terms that's hard to make friendly to search engines, (this is one of these things that's hard to describe to a search engine, so it takes hours to find) I found out how to do it in Notepad++.   Go to View>Move/ Clone Current Document>Clone to other view Then on the right pane, go where the left pane leaves off from Then go to View>Synchronize Vertical Scrolling   Screenshot from my Desktop:  
  2. Hello I'm new here and I would like to know of a split pane text editor that continues from where the the other pane left off.   I got this idea from a Coffee Shop where a Developer used a Bluetooth Keyboard and flipped his Macbook Air sideways and I asked why and he says "I can see what I'm doing more and get more lines of code on screen" he also said he also has a Thinkpad T60p and he said that was the best laptop you can get with 1,200 Vertical pixels (It's a high end 4:3 Laptop, so it's 1600x1200) without spending thousands of dollars for a 1920x1200 16:10 laptop.   Here's a diagram of what I mean with most laptops being at 1366x768:     So, is there a Text Editor that offers what I'm looking for?   Edit: I hate not having spell check in paint
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