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  1. TimMena

    Soule Symphony

    By far my favorite composer, and I really hope the project hits 100k. Can't wait for this
  2. TimMena

    Looking for completely honest feed-back

    Hey mychii, thanks for the response. I took some of the feedback into consideration and re-uploaded At Odds.
  3. You really nailed the up-beat and happy theme you were going for, I actually listened to it more than just once.     I only heard two things that threw me off, but they could be completely stylistic choices. 1) The hi-hats sounded like they could use some velocity alteration. 2) The crash cymbal seems a little too frequent, I feel like if you doubled the space in between each hit it would have more of an effect.   Both my criticisms are obviously more opinionated, and on the technical side, the song sounds pretty professional, I really liked it.
  4. TimMena

    Project Obscura

    I'm really digging your overall sound here, and I particularly really, really like Andrendina, are those fast little violin licks from gypsy?   The one place where a specific sample sticks out is the cello as mentioned above, specifically in clip "c" of ambient masses. Maybe I'm wrong, but it sounds like it's a little "out of the mix," maybe try throwing some reverb on it to make it "stick". Other than that I think you're stuff is really good, it's exactly the type of stuff I like to listen to. 
  5. TimMena

    Looking for completely honest feed-back

    Thanks for the feedback guys, really appreciate it. About the beginning of the one song, its repetitive because I imagined it within a game, but as a standalone song it really is lacking during the first half, soo I guess I'll get to fixing it today.
  6. Edit: Got some not-so-good feedback on my mixing, so I took the tracks down to further edit and mix them.
  7. TimMena

    Any tips on track "Loudness"?

    Thanks for the replies guys, I'll try to focus a bit more on giving each instrument it's own place in the mix and mess around with compression.    If it isn't too much of a bother, would you guys mind checking out a track I did today? Maybe you'll hear what I'm working with.    https://soundcloud.com/timmena/necro   Oh, and don't mind the mixing itself, I've yet to get better monitors than my av40's, and they don't translate well at all o.O
  8. Hey guys, new around here and I have a problem that you guys might be able to help me with.    When I compare my music to almost all other composers/producers, their's is just much louder than mine, professional or not. I lower my instrument tracks so that the master bus doesn't clip, but then it all sounds too low. When I put a limiter on the master bus to boost the volume, it has a crackling sound going on. I'm not really that good with mixing yet, but this has been bothering me lately, just looking for a little help, so thanks in advance.
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